In order to support our students while they achieve academic success here at Mullen, we offer limited accommodations to our students with documented learning differences. We also provide other academic supports for students with a range of diagnosis from testing anxiety to reading specific dyslexia. In the classroom, we are able to support your student’s learning difference through four offered accommodations: Extended time on tests; Access to quiet testing space; A copy of peer or teacher notes; Preferential seating in classes. 

In order to offer the aforementioned accommodations, a current psycholeducational evaluation must be on file and kept up to date (every three years). This evaluation must include a DSM-IV or DSM-V code and include cognitive and achievement testing. 



We also aid our students in applying for accommodations on all College Board and ACT testing (PSAT, SAT, AP, ACT). Please use the links below for more details on the accommodation process.

De la Salle Program Ensuring Student Success Accommodations Student Support Services Summer Bridges Academic Programs for the Class of 2020

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Liz Castellano
303.761.1764 Ext. 3403





Annie Barocas
303.761.1764 Ext. 3310




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