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De la Salle Program

What is the DLS program?

The DLS program was created to provide additional support to students coming to Mullen who may not be academically prepared to succeed in a full CP setting as an incoming freshman, but have the cognitive ability and desire to succeed at Mullen.   

Who is the DLS program for?

Students who fall below the 25th percentile on the HSPT OR who are partial proficiency on TCAP/IOWA OR based on information in their admissions file are asked to come in for follow up assessment. What is the profile of a DLS student? Students in the DLS program typically have low performance on standardized testing stemming from gaps in foundational knowledge, a weakness in study skills habits and self advocacy and/or low self esteem toward school. In the past, about one-third of students in the De La Salle program have received prior educational services. Nearly all students in the program participate in extra curricular activities in some form, and several students in the program have worked into an honors course by senior year.

What are the goals of the DLS program?

The first goal is to meet the college readiness benchmarks by end of Junior year for students within accepted growth range or to continue to make adequate growth toward college readiness.  Students can leave the program as early as freshman year based on assessment scores and teacher recommendation.

**All students must be fully mainstreamed by Senior year**

The second goal is to support students in learning skills such as self-advocacy, self-esteem, time management, and content strategies to be successful in a college preparatory environment.

What are the supports offered in the DLS program?

Support comes from:

  • a director of programming who collaborates with teachers to develop curriculum, supports parent outreach, and oversees the program’s effectiveness
  • a counselor who collaborates with students and parents/guardians to assist students with educational, career, and life planning to help facilitate interventions
  •  an after school homework help center teachers who teach within the program and offer content specific learning supports summer enrichment courses for incoming studentsstudy skills classes tailored at each level:
    • freshman level -  to help students transition into high school
    • sophomore level - to prepare for CP level classes
    • junior level - to begin the college search process and prepare for the ACT.

**DLS classes are capped at 20 students and for certain courses are stretched over three trimesters instead of two. DLS classes are NOT remedial classes and follow CP standards and goals.

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De la Salle Contact 

Liz Castellano
303.761.1764 Ext. 3403




Accommodations Coordinator

Brenda Newton




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