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Our department is focused on serving the students and parents with the transitions through high school and into college and beyond. We meet with all students at various times throughout the year for specific grade-specific presentations and are available during the day for individual student and family needs.

Academic/Personal Counselor:

All students have an Academic/Personal Counselor who will be with the student for all four years of high school.

Each student is supported in:

  • Academics- To acquire academic behaviors and strategies for success in key content areas.
  • College/Career Plans- To explore college options and career paths to make informed decisions for life after graduation.
  • Personal/Social Growth- To gain knowledge and develop interpersonal skills, and to understand and respect oneself and others.

College Counselor:

All students’ work with a College Counselor during the sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school, who serves as their College Coach. Students work closely with both the College Counselor and Academic Counselor to integrate the desires and opportunities each student has for higher-education and building a career. 

Each student is supported in:

  • College/Career Plans- To explore college options and career paths to make informed decisions for life after graduation.
  • College Applications & Essay Writing- To present a strong introduction of the student in the application process.
  • Affording College- To inform students of financial/scholarship opportunities.

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Academic Counseling

Annie Barocas
303.761.1764 Ext. 3310

Hilary Maxwell
Director of Academic 

303.761.1764 Ext. 3356

Kate Walker
303.761.1764 Ext. 3308
Skip Zickmund
303.761.1764 Ext. 3309

 College Counseling


Kimberly Eggleston
303.761.1764 Ext. 3312


Stephanie Santillo 
Director Of College

303.761.1764 Ext. 3338

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