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The Mullen Student Council is our school’s elected student leadership organization. It is composed of both elected and appointed student body representatives. Internal organization consists of an executive council and event committees. Eligibility criteria for candidacy for Student Council membership is published each year in conjunction with annual elections. Student Council’s main role is to lead and promote student co-curricular involvement by organizing student activities and events that reflect school spirit, school traditions, and Lasallian principles.

There are four major dances sponsored by Student Council and the Director of Student Life:

Appropriate Lasallian behavior and dress is an expectation of all students who choose to attend school‐sponsored dances.  Mullen High strives to provide a safe and healthy dance environment inclusive to all students. Dance policies for attendees from Mullen and guests from other schools are outlined in the Student Handbook. The Student Council President for the 2015-2016 school year was Senior Cali Edgar. As a strong example of outstanding leadership, Cali dedicated her time and effort to making sure student council meetings and events were productive, fun, and memorable for years to come. Next year, Cali will be playing lacrosse at the University of Tampa. We already miss her!

The Student Council President for the 2016-2017 school year is Senior Georgia Tauer. Georgia is compassionate, strong-willed, and dedicated – three traits that will help student council in being successful this year. Seven other seniors will serve alongside her as the senior leadership: Allie Goulding, Sarah DeLine, Ben Jacobs, Brad Case, Jenna Case, Elly Spinney, and Harrison Olivieri. 




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Director of Student Life

Katie Abeyta

303.761.1764 Ext. 3306


2017-2018 Important Dates:

8/15     Senior Sunrise @ Red Rocks
8/18     Back-to-School Dance
10/16 -10/20 – Homecoming Week
10/20   Homecoming Carnival
10/21   Homecoming Dance
1/12     Back-from-Break Dance
3/3       Sadie Hawkins Dance
4/21     Prom
5/21     Senior Awards Night
5/22     All School Awards Night


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