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Privit Profiles must be completed and cleared by AUGUST 10TH, 2017

PRIVIT will be used to keep track of immunization records, emergency contacts, any significant health concerns and the management and implementation of emergency action plans regarding those health concerns. The Goal is to have all parents/guardians of students complete their Privit ProfileTM by the first day of school.  Please click on the appropriate instructions. 


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 For Student Athletes 

PRIVIT will be used for all the above as well as their pre participation physicals and the multiple forms they must have to participate in athletics. Coaches will have real time access to check their rosters and see who has completed their paperwork and is cleared for participation and who is not cleared. Coaches will also have access to emergency contact information if they are out of state or if a parent is currently not at the game or practice and needs to be contacted. Student Athletes must complete their Privit ProfileTM before they are cleared to participate in Mullen athletics.


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PRIVIT is an online system that provides Mullen families with a secure database to fill out, upload and store waivers, general information forms, medical forms and emergency information.  This database helps us increase the safety of your students and enhance the security and accessibility of their information.  Creating and Updateing your PRIVIT profile is quick, easy and you can use your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to set up your profile.  The Privit Profile™ is compliant with international privacy laws, including HIPAA and COPPA, ensuring your child’s information is secure.


The Three Major Benefits of using Privit Profile you will experience are:

1. Simplifies the process of filling out health history forms­ - Paper to Privit Profile Easy to complete health history questionnaire from your computer or mobile devices Review/Renew/Update anytime
2. Improves Student Safety and Mitigates Risk - Comprehensive history pinpointing Risk factors that need to be monitored for sport or in general ­Real time health information available on sidelines and anywhere in the school
3. Ensures Privacy and Availability of an Athlete’s Health History - Accessible to parent/guardian and authorized school personnel at anytime

If you have any questions about the PRIVIT website or completing the Privit Profile please contact the Help Center at 844­-234­-4357 or visit If you have any questions about the process as it relates to Mullen, please contact

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Sports Medicine Contact

Director of Sports Medicine
Joey Mahmood
303.761.1764 Ext. 3433

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Johnnie Garcia


Privit Website  

Privit Help Line 844-234-4357

Clearance Form
PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM to be filled out by your doctor and uploaded to privit profile



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