Carrol Christmann D’Elia now heads poms

By Neil H. Devlin
Mullen Sports Information Specialist

Carrol Christmann D’Elia is new to Mullen as poms coach, but certainly not new to being interesting.

Her family emigrated from Germany and was among the vast groups of settlers in Colorado during the 1850s. She still has relatives here, her father was born in the state and more than one member of her family graduated from Colorado School of Mines.

She was born in Lubbock, Texas, and attended the same high school as the late, great Buddy Holly, the rock-‘n-roller from the original Lubbock High.

The wife of a pilot, D’Elia and husband Richard also are expert skiers.

But the real reason she will turn into a Coloradan full time is that she has a Texas-sized “passion for dance” and plans to bring it here to the Mile High City and Mustangs.

There was, she said, “something about Mullen … I really felt a connection.”

Said Mustangs athletic director Vince Massey: “Mullen would like to welcome Carrol to the Mullen family. Carrol brings a wealth of experience to this positon. We are excited for the future of Mullen poms.”

D’Elia has extensive know-how in the dance area, ranging from being in charge of scholastic poms to the college level to booster clubs and working with parents. She studied dance at both TCU and Texas Tech. She also was poms coach at Texas Tech; ran and owned her own academy of dance for 25 years; and headed dance at a magnet program in Lubbock.

Having also interviewed at a couple of other schools in the Denver-metropolitan area, D’Elia said “the people at Mullen seemed really sincere and nice, and it just seemed like an atmosphere with the same beliefs I have and, honestly, one of the things that sold me was I found out how long most of the teachers have been there. It says a lot about the community of the school.”

She and her husband have kept an apartment in the foothills and will be looking for a permanent residence. D’Elia said she plans to be in Denver for tryouts and summer activity, and be in good position to begin the 2018-19 school year.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” she said.




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