National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

The National Collegiate Athletic Association serves as the athletics governing body for more than 1,300 colleges, universities, conferences and organizations. The NCAA is committed to the student-athlete and to governing competition in a fair, safe, inclusive and sportsmanlike manner. There are three divisions within the NCAA. One of the differences among the three divisions is that colleges and universities in Divisions I and II may offer athletic scholarships, while Division III colleges and universities may not. All students who are interested in competing in NCAA Division I or II athletics will need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center as having met the academic and amateur requirements. We strongly encourage all student athletes who are interested in competing at the Division I or II level to meet with their College Counselor as soon as possible in their high school career to make sure that they are on track to meet all of the requirements. To learn more about the NCAA and the NCAA Eligibility Center, please watch the following presentation & look over the links below:

Video Presentation for Students and Parents
A 20 minute video presentation for students and parents, which provide a wealth of information about the academic requirements to compete in NCAA Division I or II athletics, as well as a walk-through of the registration and certification process.

Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete
This is a comprehensive guide to the NCAA and the process to become certified.

Your Path to the Student-Athlete Experience
This is brochure that highlights the Division I and II requirements and provides a quick checklist for college bound student athletes.

NCAA Freshman Eligibility Standards Quick Reference Sheet
This handout provides more information regarding Division I and II requirements as well as the SAT/ACT sliding scale.

NCAA Eligibility Center
Learn more about the Division I and Division II academic requirements and register to receive your NCAA ID Number.

NCAA Core Courses
This is a worksheet designed to help student athletes monitor their progress and map their way to meeting the NCAA academic requirements.

2016 Division I New Academic Requirements
College-bound student-athletes first entering an NCAA Division I College or university on or after August 1, 2016, will need to meet new academic rules in order to receive athletic aid (scholarship), practice or compete during their first year. NCAA Test Scoring Information In order for college-bound student-athletes academic certification to be processed, they must have test scores submitted to the NCAA Eligibility Center directly from the testing agency. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how they can have their test scores sent. Test scores on a high school transcript will not be used. Students may take the ACT or the SAT an unlimited number of times prior to full-time collegiate enrollment, and the best score will be used in the final academic certification. Test scores are matched to the student's NCAA Eligibility Center account by name, date of birth and address. It is important to note that if the NCAA Eligibility Center does not receive a student's test scores, the student's account will not be evaluated, which means that the student may not be able to receive athletics scholarships.

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