All students are asked to read and watch Hidden Figures. Please check the grade and level-appropriate summer reading assignments for further instruction.   

Summer Assignments

English I DLS
English I CP
English I Honors
AP English
English II DLS and CP
English II Honors

English III Honors
English III DLS and CP 
English IV CP 
English IV A Honors

One Book, One School Program

Driven by the desire to enhance literacy skills and to bring generations of students and families together in the Lasallian tradition of creating and maintaining relationships, Mullen High School is actively organizing a community-based reading initiative for the 2017-2018 summer and school year. Known as a One Book, One School program, the project serves to engage faculty, staff, community members, students, and their families in reading one literary selection that at once appeals to its readers from cross-cultural and cross-curricular perspectives alike.

The unique benefits of this program surface when the varied readers discuss and analyze the insights and observations they have gathered from the book. Like traveling to a foreign country together, students, families, faculty, and staff are united through a singular literary experience...a singular literary language. ​Accordingly, we are requiring that all of our students, regardless of grade or course level, read the book Hidden Figures during the course of the summer and complete complementary assignments. It is a highly-regarded, critically-acclaimed novel ​that has something for everyone: history, geography, science, math, literary elements, culture, and religious and philosophical themes, just to name a few. The following is a link to the book's summary: Synopsis.

When the 2017-2018 school year commences in August, we are planning a variety of activities that will facilitate the sharing of this unique literary experience. Until then, thank you for your continued support and happy reading!


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