Summer Assignments for 2014-2015 School Year

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Freshman Summer Assignments

Freshman World History Honors Summer Assignments (Honors class only!)

Freshman English I A CP Summer Assignments

Freshman English I (De La Salle) Summer Assignments

Freshmen Algebra 1 A/B CP: Purchase Book - "Algebra 1" by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, ISBN#: 0-03-066051-3 The book can be purchased on Amazon for less than $10 ( used is fine) Any questions please e-mail Debbie Skene.

Freshman English I A Honors Summer Assignments

Edmodo Codes


AP Studio Art: fwbjqs (McCarty)

Computer Science

AP Computer Science: 3sb22d (McGuire)


AP English: xvuf5x (Crnkovich)

Contemporary Literature: mis658 (Locascio)

English II A Honors: ag5ur5 (Finney)

English II A CP: gxxpr2 (Finney)

English II A CP: nbc526 (Welling)

English III A CP: bj3k62 (Lavezza, Dickerson)

English III A Honors: z26sa2 (Dickerson)

English IV Honors: wjvegu (Crnkovich)

Senior English IV CP: Period 3: mfzdcx Period 4: aqxsma Period 5: hg4xiz (Keefe)


AP Physics C: 9sg674 (Wakumoto)

Honors Physics: xaxuem (Spiessbach)

AP Chemistry: wggt2q (Spiessbach)

AP Biology: 3a4wv3 (Ulmer)

Social Studies 

US History Honors (HUSH): vy6zhn (Schneringer)

US Government Honors A: wd6zhj (Mitchell)

AP US History (APUSH): v72rxm (DeNezza)

AP US GOV  (840 Period 1): dmaggf (Figg)

AP US GOV (840 Period 2): 34mdq3 (Figg)


Honors Pre-Calculus, ALL THREE SECTIONS : 7e22bv (Skene)

AP Calculus AB: b3ifk5 (Wakumoto)

AP Calculus BC: wqkfwg (Wakumoto)

World Languages

AP French: 4kakn9 (Steinhauser)

AP Latin: 
va2u3v (Sherpe) 

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