What is a 1:1 Program?

The term “1:1” refers to one computing device for each student.  In a true 1:1 program, the students have access to that device 24/7/365.

Why iPads?

We looked at lots of devices - Macbooks, Chromebooks, other laptops, and various tablets.  The teachers made a list of the functionalities they needed, though, and only tablets qualified because students need to be able to draw diagrams and do other tasks that require a touchscreen.  (Tablets are also superior for reading.)  iPads were specifically chosen because of their superior maintenance, battery life and the great number of educational apps.

Who is required to have an iPad?

All students are required to have an iPad. Much as with uniforms, families will be required to purchase them and the students will keep them.  As with tuition, financial aid is available for qualified families.

What is the minimum iPad specification?

The minimum iPad is the Air 2.  Because of standardized testing requirements coming down the road, the iPad mini is no longer acceptable.

Can I buy the iPad through the school and get a discount?

Mullen has looked into bulk pricing.  However with a discount of only $20, the school determined it was better to concentrate on training our teachers and educating our students.  Many retailers offer specials that meet and exceed the discount the school can receive by buying in bulk.

Where can I purchase an iPad?

iPads can be purchased directly from the Apple Store in Aspen Grove or through your prefered retail store.  Deals are also available on various websites (i.e. Apple.com, Amazon.com, eBay.com, etc...).  

Is there an advantage to purchasing an iPad from the Apple Store at Aspen Grove?

Yes, the Apple Aspen Grove store is offering the following.

  • Personalized setup of the iPad upon purchase,
  • If you are giving it as a gift, a voucher will be issued for personalized set up if the iPad is given for Christmas,
  • "Introduction to iPad and Going Further with iPad" Class just for Mullen offered in early January at the Apple Store, and
  • Option to purchase an AppleCare+ warranty.

Please identify yourself as a Mullen High School family to take advantage of this offer. Please see the Apple Store at Aspen Grove for more information.

Is an iPad with a cellular data connection required?

No.  Mullen is a 100% WiFi campus, so phone service will not be necessary.  You may purchase it for family reasons, but it is not required.

Are there financing options?

  • As with tuition, financial aid is available for qualified families. 
  • Several banks and credit unions offer consumer loans for these types of purchases.

Apple also offers financing for the iPad.  To apply, please go to the following link.  http://store.apple.com/us/browse/finance/instant_credit_page

Will the iPad be used in every class?

Our intention is that the iPad will be used on a significant basis in your student’s classroom work. At times, though, traditional paper and pencil will still be used. 

Does my student have to be an iPad whiz?

No. Students will be provided with instruction as part of an orientation program as well as throughout the school day. This instruction will provide students with the skills to care for and maintain their iPads. Classroom teachers will also instruct their students as to the effective use of the various apps that have been selected..

Where should the iPad be kept when it is not needed for class, i.e., during after school activities, such as practices and rehearsals?

The iPad should be kept in a LOCKED student locker in the main building of the campus where there are various security measures in place. While the lockers in the locker room are useful for storing athletic equipment, they are not the most secure place to store expensive electronics or other valuables.

What content is required to be downloaded by my student on the iPad?

Students will be required to register their iPad with the school.  This allows educational apps pushed to the iPad from the school. Students will also need to activate the Find My iPad feature to locate their device should it become missing. All educational apps and digital content assigned by the teachers must also be downloaded to the iPad as requested.

There is content on the Internet that is unsuitable.  Is there any type of filtering?

Internet-assisted learning extends beyond the classroom and into the students’ homes, providing more resources and better teacher-student communication. To address the need for filtering, Mullen High School has installed web filters to prevent students from accessing inappropriate and malicious web content while at school.  It is the responsibility of the parents to monitor their student’s internet usage outside school.

Mullen High School will monitor iPad usage at school, but who monitors it at home?

This is the responsibility of the parents. It is Mullen High School’s belief that when off campus, parents have the full authority to restrict iPad usage. Examples of this include:

  • Your student may use it in a family room and not in their bedroom.
  • The student can use it until a certain point in time in the evening or until their schoolwork is complete.
  • Parents can examine the documents and other content of the iPad.

Where on campus can someone plug the iPad into the network and Internet?

A cable is not needed to connect to the network. The iPads are wireless. All campus buildings can connect to the network and Internet wirelessly.

Will students be able to charge their iPads at school?

No.  It will be the responsibility of the student to come to school with the device fully charged.  With a ten-hour battery life, they will not need to recharge during the school day.

Will the student be able to back-up information on the network?  Is the data protected?

Each student is expected to back-up his own information in a timely fashion on iTunes or using iCloud. Students may also take advantage of their Google Apps Drive, that will allow them to save school projects and documents for the duration of their educational career at Mullen High School.

Can I install my own software and apps?

Yes, your student may download any software and apps that are not inappropriate and do not violate the rules of the school. Parents are asked to monitor the iPad to ensure that it is used for educational purposes and not another additional video game system.

What accessories come with the iPad?

The iPad comes with a power cable and its sync cable.

What additional accessories are required?

Students need to bring some way to listen to their devices privately, e.g. earbuds.

What additional options would you recommend?

It's your iPad, but we recommend that students have a case for their iPad. Some families will choose to have a film cover placed on the glass of the iPad to protect against scratches. Other than these, your student does not need any additional accessories. Some students may wish to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, but that is not required.

Will each student be given an email address?

Each student is issued a school email address through Gmail. This will allow teachers to communicate with their students in an efficient manner.

What should I do if the iPad is stolen?

If the iPad is stolen, immediately contact support@mullenhigh.com at Mullen High School and activate the Find My iPad application using iTunes. If the device is not found over the next few days, you will need to file a police report on the stolen iPad. You may also want to check with your home insurance carrier about adding a rider to cover the device, should one exist.

Where does a student go for maintenance?

Students will receive instruction regarding basic care and maintenance as part of their iPad training. Should the issue be beyond that of their classroom training, the student should see the IT Department. If the issue is beyond their capability, the student will need to see a representative at the Apple Store.


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