Mullen Wellness Series


Mullen Wellness Series

This upcoming Thursday, December 6, Mullen High School will be hosting Ms. Katie Koestner, a nationally known speaker, who will lead a challenging yet necessary conversation about relationship, respect and resilience while sharing from her experience of sexual violence. Find out how what we say and what we don't say impacts our children, their confidence, resilience and ability to navigate successful relationships.


Ms. Koestner is the Executive Director of Campus Outreach Service and the Take Back the Night Foundation. She will be speaking with our students during the day on Thursday in two separate and targeted presentations, one to our seniors and juniors, the other to our sophomores and first year students. With the seniors and juniors, she will discuss sexual assault awareness and prevention in an empowering conversation. With the sophomores and first year students, Ms. Koestner’s topic will be Healthy Relationships, Respect, Sexting and Flirting vs. Hurting. Her presentation will ask our students and all of us consider what we, as individuals acting in our communities, can do to reduce the occurrence of sexual violence.


In the evening, parents are invited to come and hear Ms. Koestner’s powerful message which will be structured to provide background for you to open up conversations about healthy relationships with your students. Please join us Thursday, December 6 at 6:00pm in the Rilko as Ms. Koestner will follow up her presentations to students with this conversation with you. She will include in her  presentation will provide the tools, tips and practices to have more productive and positive conversations in your household to the benefit of both you and your children.

We are delighted to have Ms. Koestner with us and hope the community can take advantage of the opportunity. For more information, please visit Katie Koestner.



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