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Mullen High School Non-OTA Registration

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A set fee of $100 for the summer allows athletes to come to the Mullen weight room and work under the guidance of the Sports Performance Staff
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Student Athlete of the Week

Each week, Mullen will feature a student-athlete of the week. Mustangs considered must carry at least a 3.3 grade-point average, have displayed strong character and performed significantly for their team. Mullen staff members may contact Neil H. Devlin with suggestions at


Anna Brehm

Age: 17. Born: July 27, 2000, in Littleton.

High school sports: Soccer, center-back. 

Grade-point average: 4.2.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: My two older siblings (Brady and Breanne) both went here and I really like the feel of the smaller community and being able to interact from there.

The best thing about my sport is: I guess I just like the flexibility of the game. You can’t predict what will happen; you have to be able to read the game and anything can happen.

In my future: I’ll be attending the University of Colorado and will major in business; also will play club soccer.

Pre-Game ritual: I kind of just go play … I get a lot of anxiety. I just want to not overthink it and just go for it.

Favorite College Team: I love to watch college football. I don’t have a favorite team, but my family likes USC, where my mom (Valarie) went.

Why I play: I just love the game. I like the adrenaline it brings you. Soccer is a really exciting sport to play.

Reggie Parris

Age: 18. Born: Sept 16, 1999, in Wheat Ridge.

High school sports: Basketball, two-year starter; and baseball (pitcher-outfielder signed to play at San Diego). 

Grade-point average: 4.3.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: There are plenty of reasons, the list goes on and on … I like that it’s a smaller school with competitive athletes and it sets you up academically. I think it’s a challenge, but I respect the coaches and both the athletics and academics. It has helped shape me into the person I wanted to be.

The best thing about my sport is: In baseball, I would say you have to give the other team an even chance. In basketball, you can stall, but in baseball you have to get three outs no matter what.

In my future: This summer I’m going to North Dakota to play in a summer league, then to San Diego. I’m undecided on a major, but just want to earn a spot in that tough program.

Pre-Game ritual: Funny thing, when I pitch I wear the same compression shorts.

Favorite College Team: The USD team now, but I’ve always liked watching Arizona State and Duke in college basketball teams.

Why I play: I get to be with my friends, it’s really competitive and a game where I challenge myself, and bounce back from failure. It’s game of failure and I think everyone knows that. You have to prove yourself and overcome setbacks and failure, and use that as motivation.


Blayze Jessen

Age: 18. Born: Dec. 30, 1999, in Denver..

High school sports: Swimming, qualifier in multiple individual and relay events; has finished second and third in the 200-yard individual medley and fourth in the 100 breaststroke at the Class 4A state meet; USA Swimming Scholastic All-American.

Grade-point average: 3.5.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: Well, the big reason I ended up choosing Mullen is my home school is John F. Kennedy and I wanted to do something in a private school. I saw it and loved it.

The best thing about my sport is: It builds a lot of relationships with different people, different teams and different states, and you can swim when you’re young and old. The sport is great for younger and older athletes and keeps you in shape.

In my future: Hopefully, in my immediate future I can get my qualifying times to get to the Olympic Trials and see where that takes me. (Has signed to swim at the University of Denver).

Pre-Game ritual: I do a lot of the same stretching just among the little things I do.

Favorite College Team: DU lacrosse is up there with the national championships and stuff … it’s beyond exciting.

Why I swim: It’s a funny story … I got into sports after I was born in Denver and moved to California. I was about a year old and we had a pool. My parents were a little skeptical having me around it and I was riding my bike and fell in. They had to save me and right there my mom said I had to learn how to swim. Ever since them I couldn’t get away from the water.

Jessica Bryan

Age: 17. Born: Oct. 15, 2000, in Bristol, England.

High school sports: Golf.  

Grade-point average: 3.9.

Class: Junior.

Why I attend Mullen: Really I just love the community. I think it’s really cool. Mullen just has that feel about it. The core principles of the school really spoke to me.

The best thing about my sport is: Meeting new people and getting out there to have fun. And, of course, my team -- I really like them.

In my future: Going to college and, hopefully, keep playing golf.

Pre-Match ritual: Sometimes I will just listen to music, which calms my nerves and gets me ready.

Favorite College Team: University of Denver ice hockey.

Why I play: I golf, really, to meet new people and my family likes to golf. When I can, I like to play with my family and have fun, and it’s a sport you can play throughout your whole life.

Jaydon Vigil

Age: 18. Born: Dec. 23, 1999, in Denver.

Sport: USA Boxing 152-pounder).

Grade-point average: 3.43.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: Because my brother (Julian) went there and it was a great experience. It prepared him for college. He went to an Ivy league school (Columbia). Another reason, honestly, I just wanted to prepare myself for college, get ready for that level and be a student-athlete.

The best thing about my sport is: Being able to go the Olympics. I think that would be a great thing and just to be able to represent my country … that’s a great thing.

In my future: I’m looking forward to the 2020 Olympics. As of right now, that’s my first goal and wherever that takes me … then I’m going to be, hopefully, a world champion some day.

Pre-Match ritual: I don’t listen to music before fights, but the one thing I always do is I pray before I go into the ring. My coach prays and my dad prays, too.

Favorite College Team: Duke men’s basketball.

Why I box: I box because I just love the sport. I love to see kids fight and men fight … it’s a great sport and I love it. It’s always what I’ve wanted to do. And I love the competitiveness everyone has against each other. And it’s not a team sport. I’m by myself and don’t have to rely on anybody. We have a team coach and my dad (Julian Sr.), but it always comes down to me. I accept full responsibility.

Melicia Robles

Age: 17. Born: Sept. 2, 2000, in Denver.

High school sports: Basketball, post player, averaging 4.8 points, 3.7 rebounds; golf, regional qualifier and state alternate.  

Grade-point average: 3.77. Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: Truthfully, I went to a public middle school and did not want to follow through the feeder school. I had heard lots of good stuff about Mullen. So I shadowed and just really liked it.

The best thing about my sport is: For basketball, I really like the team part and when the team executes a play that creates excitement and energy.

For golf, I really enjoy something new to learn and can do throughout my life.

In my future: I’m going to Nebraska in Lincoln right now to become a chemical engineer, but I hope to further my dream to work for NASA.

Pre-Game and Pre-Meet ritual: I kind of get myself into a mindset ready to work hard.

Favorite College Team: I’m not big on watching sports.

Why I play: Ever since I was little, I’ve played basketball since I was 4 or 5 and just found a passion to play as a team and be a team leader, and play for people around me. It’s something I enjoy. In golf, it’s just something I can play all of my life, so I should be learning to play it now.


Claire Chahbandour

Age: 14. Born: July 10, 2003, in Denver.

High school sports: Swimming, has qualified for the state meet in all strokes she has entered.

Grade-point average: 4.0.  Class: Freshman.

Why I attend Mullen: Because when I was in eighth grade, I heard so many good things about it. A few of my neighbors go there and said so many good things, so I decided, why not?

The best thing about my sport is: I guess l like how independent you can be, but it’s a team sport in high school and really forces you to be confident in other aspects of your life. It’s super-mental and helps all around. It makes you fit in the real world, too.

In my future: The goal to qualify for junior nationals this summer, I’m close in the 100 breaststroke. Then after that I’ll see where the travelling team (DU Hilltoppers) takes me. I would like to go to a (Division I) school, but have no idea if that will happen.

Pre-race ritual: I always make sure I’m not alone, I always like to talk to friends before a race and always put on Taylor Swift and J.Cole.

Favorite College Team: Alabama football.

Why I swim: I swim because I love it. I have so many friends on both of my teams and am super-uncoordinated out of the water, But I enjoy it. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Zach Banko

Age: 16. Born: Aug 2, 2001, in Raleigh, N.C.

High school sports: Ice hockey, defenseman, has two goals and four assists.  

Grade-point average: 3.32.

Class: Sophomore.

Why I attend Mullen: The inclusive community and it’s just an all-around great school with great teachers. It’s more than a teacher-student relationship. It’s more personal.

The best thing about my sport is: Probably the physicality.

In my future: I am planning but I still haven’t made a decision, but have received offers from junior teams to leave high school. I might not leave; it’s still up for debate. But I’ll probably be playing DIII or DI hockey somewhere.

Pre-Game ritual: I always tape my stick and always tie my right skate first.

Favorite College Team: Notre Dame ice hockey

Why I play: Well, when I first started I watched a hockey game when we were living in Corpus Christi, Texas, and I don’t know, I fell in love with it. I can’t imagine my life without it. I can release all my emotions through skating and ice hockey.

Nick Cito

Age: 18. Born: Oct. 3, 1999, in Denver.

High school sports: Basketball, guard, averaging 10.5 points, 2.8 assists and 1.0 steals per game for Mustangs, 8-6 overall, 3-3 in the Centennial League. 

Grade-point average: 3.3.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: I attend Mullen because my brother went here. My parents never forced me; I just loved the school and how close it brings me to my faith and who I am. I thought it was the best choice. I just think it’s the best high school there is. I love it.  

The best thing about my sport is: I just think with it being a team game, it’s not about one person. You can affect the game in so many ways; it doesn’t matter about scoring or whatever … I’m just there with my friends, like it’s one big family.

In my future: I’ll be playing basketball, but I want to go into pre-law. (Signed with Concordia, Neb.)

Pre-Game ritual: I eat Skittles before the game and then I try to get as hyped as possible in warmups. Then when the National Anthem comes, I speak to myself and just think about family members and who I’m playing for, our Savior and my teammates.

Favorite College Team: Oklahoma men’s basketball.

Why I play: I play because (basketball) has been a part of me since I was real young. Just from there I just picked up on it and then throughout life played it. I was cut from a club team and it gave me more motivation to keep going. It’s how I ended up here. I just love the sport so much.


Lindsey Sowitch

Age: 14. Born: Sept. 3, 2003, in Littleton.

High school sports: Swimming, has qualified for the Class 4A state meet in all events – 50-, 100- and 200-yard freestyles; 100 butterfly; 200 individual medley; 100 backstroke; 100 breaststroke, 200 medley relay; and 200 and 400 freestyle relays.

Grade-point average: 4.1.

Class: Freshman.

Why I attend Mullen: I really like the community, my sister (Paige) is a sophomore here and the teachers are really helpful and help you succeed. And the people are welcoming and supportive.

The best thing about my sport is: The best thing would probably be how it’s an individual and a team sport, so you get the feeling of both aspects of competing on a team, but also for you.

In my future: I definitely want to swim in college, but don’t know where I want to go.

Pre-meet ritual: I usually try to stay calm and stay warmed up, and stay hydrated and keep calm. I try not to think about it too much.

Favorite College Team: Arizona State women’s swimming and diving, also Penn State football.

Why I swim: I swim because I like being a part of a team and I like the competitiveness of the sport, and being able to meet new people and grow as a student and swimmer.


Matt Byerly

Age: 17. Born: April 29, 2000, in Wheat Ridge.

High school sports: Ice hockey, center, entered the week with two goals and two assists for the 1-2 Mustangs.

Grade-point average: 3.6.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: I honestly attend Mullen because I just love the community and private-school, rah-rah vibe we get here.

The best thing about my sport is: I think it’s just the culture, the locker room and the teammates. My teammates are everything, they all are amazing people. It’s always fun to go into the locker room and hang out with them.

In my future: I’m not sure which college, but I’ll major in business at Tennessee or Arizona.

Pre-Game ritual: Listening to music, definitely, and I start getting ready on my right side, then move to my left, like I always start with my right skate, then go to my left.

Favorite College Team: University of Denver Pioneers ice hockey.

Why I play: I play because it’s fun. Simply, it’s fun. Everything about it.


Sofia Zinis

Age: 16. Born: June 26, 2001, in Denver.

High school sports: Swimming (50-yard freestyle, 100 free, 100 backstroke; has qualified for the state meet in all three; was eighth as a freshman in 50 free and fifth a year ago; 13th in 100 back the past season).

Grade-point average: 4.4.  Class: Junior.

Why I attend Mullen: I like a lot about it. My older cousin, Christos Zinis, and dad, Yani Zinis, went here, so it’s a part of the family. And I really like the community and academics.

The best thing about my sport is: Definitely the friendships you make on the team and you spend a bunch of time in practice and meets, so you get super close.

In my future: I’m not really sure what I want to do or where to go, but I want to swim in college.

Pre-meet ritual: Usually, I try to stay pretty relaxed before meets because if I psych myself out it will affect me. I just jump around and stretch, and try to stay warmed up.

Favorite College Team: I really like the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team; my mom, Kristin, went there.

Why I swim: Since I was little, I’ve really liked the competitiveness of racing and the friends you make on the team, and growing up with them. They make every race and practice fun.


Jessica Hafey

Age: 17. Born: Aug. 20, 2000, in Arvada.

High school sports: Softball (third baseman, batted .455 with 20 RBIs as Mustangs made the Class 4A semifinals and was 13-of-22 in the postseason with seven runs scored and nine RBIs; considering tennis in the spring.

Grade-point average: 3.6.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: My sister, Alex, attended Mullen and kind of convinced me to try it out, and I’ve just really enjoyed it.

The best thing about my sport is: I really like the team aspects of being able to work for each other and not just yourself, and to have someone else to pick you up if you have a bad day.

In my future: Will play in college, committed on Sunday to CSU-Pueblo.

Pre-Game ritual: The only thing I really have if I’m hitting good is the day before I wear the same stuff, like sliders. I’m superstitious that way.

Favorite College Team: Oklahoma softball.

Why I play: I grew up playing sports. It’s just a childhood thing. It’s almost, like, mentally sometimes we just need to hit a ball and get our minds off things. When you’re playing, it’s good.

Sebastian Campos

Age: 17. Born: Sept. 13, 2000, in Denver.

High school sports: Cross country (state qualifier); wrestling (15-10 at 152 pounds as a freshman, 21-10 at 152 as a sophomore, 33-9 at 170 as a junior, state qualifier, will wrestle again at 170); and track and field (800 and 3,200 meters); Colorado Academic All-State in all three sports.

Grade-point average: 4.1.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: I shook Mr. (Vince) Massey’s hand (athletic director and wrestling coach) and I knew he wanted me to wrestle for him, And there’s also the academics. I came from a small Catholic school (St. Francis de Sales). The atmosphere here is great. I love the people, love the teachers and love the place.

The best thing about my sport is: In wrestling, I think it just requires dedication. It’s a culmination of running, lifting, mental toughness and nutrition. It’s a man’s sport and I love it.

In my future: I’m going to try to get into the Air Force Academy or the academic ROTC at Gonzaga or Washington. I want to become a JAG, a military lawyer, and make a career out of that.

Pre-Game ritual: I have to have Tokyo Joe’s, then I do some planks, an ab workouts.

Favorite College Team: Northern Colorado wrestling.

Why I play: I grew up playing sports and I figure it would be different if I didn’t get involved and didn’t play. Steve Prefontaine said “to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Sports are in my blood.


Will Locascio

Age: 15. Born: Feb. 8, 2002, in Denver.

High school sports: Cross country, Mustangs’ No. 2 runner, part of team that has qualified for Saturday’s state championships, best time of 16 minutes, 47 seconds over 5k (3.1 miles); also is a triathlete on a club team.

Grade-point average: 3.5  Class: Sophomore.

Why I attend Mullen: I attend Mullen because my brother (Nick) went here and my dad (Joe, an assistant principal) works here, and I really like the community and definitely the cross-country team.

The best thing about my sport is: It’s definitely the kind of bond you make with the school and the athletes you’re running with … you get to know them and it’s pretty cool.

In my future: I’m hoping to go into the military, maybe West Point or the Naval Academy. I’d like to try to get into the Army Rangers.

Pre-meet ritual: The night before a meet, it’s usually a common practice, I have a meal for runners and I pray before the race. I don’t do anything too specific, but I wear the same socks.

Favorite College Team: University of Colorado football.

Why I play: Well, I really love the rewarding part of the finish line and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. (Cross country) is just, like, a really awesome sport. I hope to continue with it for a while.


Shannon Stone

Age: 17. Born: April 29, 2000, in Littleton.

High school sports: Volleyball (setter, leads Class 4A Mustangs in serving aces, 25; serving attempts, 198; and points, 101; as well as total assists, 393); swimming (freestyler); and tennis (No. 3 singles). 

Grade-point average: 3.3.  Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: I attend Mullen for the community and the academics, and just the people within the close-knit community. Everyone knows each other, which is nice.

The best thing about my sport is: I’d say it’s that (volleyball) is a team sport and all the friends you make throughout it … and just getting to play a competitive sport and fighting to win all the time.

In my future: Undecided what I want to major in, but I’m hoping to play volleyball collegiately. I also play beach volleyball and may play that collegiately. Considering Carson-Newman; St, Thomas in Miami; Southern Connecticut; and Alabama-Birmingham.

Pre-match ritual: We don’t necessarily have one as a team. We do stuff, but I don’t really have anything I have to do that I’m aware of … I’m more of a relaxed player. I may listen to some music. But I don’t get nervous. I just go out there and do my thing.

Favorite College Team: UCLA beach volleyball.

Why I play: I’d say mainly it’s because I love the competitive sports and wanting to win, and the push and fight to win all the time … and I love it.

Dante Dino

Age: 14. Born: Oct. 11, 2002, in Denver.

High school sports: Tennis (No. 3 singles, brings a 12-6 record into Thursday’s opening of Colorado’s Class 4A tournament at Pueblo City Park, only 9th-grader in the bracket) and basketball (point guard). 

Grade-point average: 3.9.

Class: Freshman.

Why I attend Mullen: I got a good vibe when I shadowed (at Mullen) and then it has good academics and the athletics attracted me. A lot of the kids from my previous (grade) school, like Mario (Dante, his cousin), they were going here as well.

The best thing about my sport is: High-school tennis is an individual sport. I like that aspect, but I also like the teamwork aspect of basketball a little more. It’s just fun, hanging out with guys and it really adds a different aspect that can make or break a team.

In my future: I have no idea. Hopefully, Mullen can point me in the right direction, show me my interests and just go from there.

Pre-Game ritual: I don’t necessarily have one, but before every match I try to turn on some music in the car and tune out everything and go over my strategy on how to pull it out.

Favorite College Team: I’m a big Kentucky basketball fan.

Why I play: I just really like the challenge. It’s just always fun to see how far I can take it, who I can beat and who I can’t. I’ve always been pretty competitive and I love to play the game.

Morgan Wills

Age: 16. Born: Feb. 26, 2001, in Lakewood.

High school sports: Volleyball outside hitter (second on team with 86 kills; also has 12 blocks and 40 digs); and golf.

Grade-point average: 3.7.

Class: Junior.

Why I attend Mullen: I attend Mullen because it’s a great school and I love how close the great community is, and that it’s a small school and you get to know everybody.

The best thing about my sport is: I think getting to meet new girls and the competition … everyone wants to play and you meet new people who you’ll know for the rest of your life.

In my future: I want to play college volleyball at a Christian school; considering becoming a lawyer.

Pre-Game ritual: I usually listen to music and we always take a minute to get together and close our eyes and visualize how we want to play, and we get hyped.

Favorite College Team: Texas Christian volleyball.

Why I play: I play because I love the sport and it’s such a fast-paced sport. You’re always involved and you’re always moving.

Mario Dino

Age: 14. Born: Dec. 16, 2002, in Boulder.

High school sports: Golf (handicap is between a 4 and 4.5, shot 87 in regionals, helped Mustangs to Class 4A state tournament, Oct. 2-3 at Raccoon Creek G.C. in Littleton) and considering basketball.

Grade-point average: 3.4.

Class: Freshman.

Why I attend Mullen: I came to Mullen because it’s close to my house and it gives me a great education. I like the teachers, they’re nice. Some of my friends went to Mullen, including my cousin, Dante, who plays tennis. I like the whole thing, it’s great.

The best thing about my sport is: The best thing I like about golf (in high school) is how it’s a team sport, I really like the team aspect of it, the team atmosphere. I knew about it before I came to Mullen, but the team aspect is great. I just like the team thing more than the individual, but I also like that you can’t make excuses, it’s all on you.

In my future: I definitely want to go to college and play D-I golf and play for the PGA Tour. If that doesn’t work, I want to try to work for ESPN or the Golf Channel. That would be cool.

Pre-match ritual: I go to the range about an hour early and hit balls and chip and putt.

Favorite College Team: The Arkansas Razorbacks. My grandma is from there and that’s who we root for.

Why I play: I play because I love golf, it’s a really great sport. I like to compete and be competitive, and see how good I can do. I want to (supersede) my goals.

Dominic DePizzol

Age: 16. Born: Oct. 16, 2000, in Littleton.

High school sports: Football (quarterback, has thrown for 11 touchdowns for 2-2 Mustangs) and track and field (400 meters). 

Grade-point average: 4.0.

Class: Junior.

Why I attend Mullen: Well, two of my older siblings (Vince and Lauren) went here, so I wasn’t new to Mullen, and I didn’t even shadow anywhere else. And it wasn’t because I played football, I didn’t play until I went to high school.

The best thing about my sport is: I mean, it teaches you a lot about life. You have to completely dedicate yourself to it and it just teaches you a lot.

In my future: I’d like to go to the Naval Academy and maybe have a job in an NFL front office in my future.

Pre-Game ritual: I always go to Mass on Friday morning, then not much. I try not to be superstitious because then if I can’t do something, it screws with my mind.

Favorite College Team: It used to be Baylor, but with everything going on there it’s probably the Naval Academy.

Why I play: I play because I love football and I love playing quarterback and being able to lead others, and the physicality of the game. It’s definitely a great sport.

Andrew Seaman

Age: 17. Born: April 19, 2000, in Littleton.

High school sports: Soccer, forward, all-Centennial League second team, was seventh in the state in assists in 2016, 16; had two goals and an assist last week in a 4-1 victory over Sheridan; considering returning to wrestling; track and field, long jump and 400, has earned eight letters so far, 11 including the Torch Award. 

Grade-point average: 4.1.

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: I had the option between Regis (Jesuit), Valor (Christian) and Mullen when first applying and I already was leaning toward Mullen. I had some cousins and uncles who went here and when I toured here, I knew it was the right fit right away.

The best thing about my sport is: In soccer, I really like competing. When you go out and score a goal, you get that electrifying feeling, it’s just awesome.

In my future: Looking right now into computer science and I might want to run track in college. I’m still looking around.

Pre-Game ritual: Just when we all huddle together, but not one in particular.

Favorite College Team: My parents and family have always been Notre Dame fans, I’ve kind of inherited it from them.

Why I play: I kind of love all of it, the all-around thing, I love the team and competing against friends … in the end, I just love everything about it.


Marissa Sanchez - September 4th, 2017

Age: 15. Born: Oct. 8, 2001, in Denver.

High school sports: Softball, pitcher, second base, and basketball, guard. 

Grade-point average: 3.4.

Class: Sophomore.

Why I attend Mullen: I did go to Notre Dame (Catholic Grade School) and I wanted to keep a hold on my faith, and the real goal was helping people out and being a better person, as well. Plus, there are strong academics here. About the softball team, it was great when I came here. I think the main reason was I saw the kids and we all had the same idea, saying Hi to each other and just being kind people.

The best thing about my sport is: Mullen softball, I love the girls. I love the family effect it gives. At the end (of my first year) I was really close with my team. As a pitcher, that’s important. I’m trying to move the ball around and they’re backing me up, making plays, they back you up all of the time. And they’re amazing athletes.

In my future: I would love to play D-I softball. I have a good handful of interest, I;m lookin more toward Oregon and Washington.

Pre-Game ritual: I have a handshake with my dad, we’ve had it since rec league. And before games I always side bump with (teammate) Bella Hawkins.

Favorite College Team: Oregon Ducks

Why I play: Softball is just such a big part of my life. I have always grown up with it. It’s something I wake up with and do every day, and love to do.


Bryce Maderis - August 28th, 2017

Age: 17. Born: June 2, 2000, in Littleton..

High school sports: Cross country (first team all-Centennial League in 2016); and track (800, 1,600 and 3,200 meters); competed in National Junior Olympics this summer in Lawrence, Kan., finished seventh in the 2k steeplechase, earned All-America status.

Grade-point average: 3.4.       

Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen: I knew a couple of friends going there, but actually one of my former administrators at my old middle school really talked up Mullen. I shadowed there and loved it at first sight.

The best thing about my sports are: Probably the best thing about cross country is every race I get to go against the best people in the state, many who go on to (run in) college, and you get to show 100 percent of your effort and that you can compete with these people.

In my future: I definitely want to run cross country and track in college and for academics go into business marketing.

Pre-meet ritual: Every day before a meet I always go to Noodles and Co., and get three pot stickers and a ginger ale.

Favorite College Team: I’m liking Nebraska right now, the Huskers.

Why I play: I think for me it’s about the adrenaline rush you get. It’s so crazy before a race. I love going out there to compete against other people. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I’ve done football, basketball and baseball, and it’s nothing like it is for me in cross country.


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