Mullen High School Presents:  Murder's in the Heir

Wednesday, October 11th - Thursday, October 12th - Saturday, October 14th

Students $5 | Adults $10

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A Murder's in the Heir

Date of Performance
All shows begin at 7pm in the Rilko

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Murder’s in the 
Heir Cast

Fiona Starkweather: Emy McGuire

Jordan Starkweather: Will Carpenter

Paula Thompson: Devon Riddle, Allie Larson

Simon Starkweather III: Parker Juels, Ethan Griffin

Bensonhurst: Drew Jackson

Mrs. Trent: Margurite Whiteside

Minerva Walker: Nikki deSeriere

Simon Starkweather (Old): Alex Price

Miss Withers: Vivian Conrad

Nancy Pollard: Natalia Garayoa

Rufus Jones: Nicki Miller

Lois Van Zandt: Raquel Gorman, Jessica Bryan, Haley Cook, Julia Hopkins, Chelsea Perez, Iman Moaddeli

Kathy Collins: Mary Whitter, LeslyDiaz, Hannah Baltzan, Anna Brown, Brenna Langfield

Mike Davis: Andrew Shine, Greg Kintzele, Kullem Lloyd

Jean Culpepper: Abby Jablonsky , Megan Heffern, Ezari Duncan, Marina Hoeft


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