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NHS - Peer Tutoring

NHS Peer Tutoring  is available to any student attending Mullen.  This program pairs students with members of the National Honor Society. A student can meet with an available tutor or schedule an appointment with a specific tutor.  Peer tutoring is recommended to help a student review for a quiz or test, edit papers, check and help with nightly homework, as well as learn general organizational skills.  Peer tutoring is most effective when each session has a very specific outcome.

NHS Peer Tutoring

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  • When is tutoring available?

    Monday-Thursday, Sferra Resource Center
    Resource Period  or after school (3:00-4:30)
  • How are tutors requested?

    Students can request a tutor by showing up to the After School Lab where the tutor will document the request for counseling department. Students may ask their teacher for tutoring, and the teacher would then notify NHS. Teachers may request a student
  • Tutor Expectations

    • Tutors can earn up to 40 points for NHS if they tutor two sessions a week after school in Sferra
    • Tutors can earn up to 40 points by committing to support a teacher twice a week during Resource
    • Tutors can earn up to 20 Mullen hours (After School earn up to  1.5 hrs and Resource earns up to .5 hrs)
    • Tutors must sign in EACH time to receive credit. Log in sheets can be found in 317 or in Sferra. Tutors who work with a teacher can use their own log in sheet but must have the teacher initial it.
  • How to Tutor

    • Get to know the student!
    • NHS Tutor Routine - check for upcoming work, missing work and what needs to be studied
    • Ask the student the goal for the session 
    • If session includes missing work or the need to discuss work with a teacher, have student email teacher and cc parents

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