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The following courses do not fall under a specific department.  However, they are credit bearing courses that have curriculum requirements and receive letter grades. They can be selected as electives by students in the appropriate grade ranges.

Course Offerings

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  • Academic Enrichment

    Academic Enrichment course provides a progressive curriculum of study skills including: learning tools for diverse learning styles, self-advocacy awareness and application, test taking strategies, organizational development guidelines, and other specifically designed curriculum directed toward the goal of preparing students for successful work completion in each of their classes. Students will learn planning and task initiative in order to improve their ability to deliver quality performance on time; self monitoring and advocacy so that they may demonstrate accountability and self direction independently and with others; technology use in order to familiarize them with Mullen popular software and technology uses; and flexible thinking to establish and develop systems and tools to retain and apply information. Students are able to take this course once during their Mullen career.
    Taught by Ms. Liz Castellano
  • Lasallian Service Learning

    This class will offer students the opportunity, through service learning, to explore the practical dimensions of Catholic social justice in the local community and reflect on the Christian concept of servant leadership. Students will learn skills and content through research, practice, literature, discussion, and action by working directly with the marginalized population in the Sheridan area. They will also have the opportunity to experience approximately thirty-five hours of direct service within Sheridan School District classrooms. In addition to direct service, each presentation and project will integrate the five stages of service: Investigation, Preparation, Action, Refection and Demonstration as well as the Catholic Lasallian core principle of Concern for the Poor and Social Justice.