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The Mullen Wellness Department's Mission is to educate the whole student to facilitate the develop healthy life long habits.  This is done through the education of mental wellness and physical wellness through a variety of sub topics including but not limited to, stress topics, decision making techniques, nutrition, thinking for one's self when it comes to marketing, importance of physical fitness in a multitude of settings and modalities, goal setting and how to work to achieve goals. 

Essential Outcomes

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  • Goals and Growth

    Students will be able to explain how goal setting relates to personal growth. (Grad at Grad: Excellence in Education, Participation within Inclusive Community)
    Students will:
    1. Analyze information and form a health decision and assess competition.
    2. Evaluate positives in accomplishments and in failures to advance positively.
  • Health and Physical Activities

    Students will be able to analyze and synthesize the relationship between the health and physical activity. (Grad at Grad: Excellence in Education) 
    Students will:
    1. Have a working understanding of human anatomy and how different types of activities affect their health
    2. Compare and contrast different principles of fitness and come to a conclusion.
  • Lifestyle

    Students will be able to explain the importance of a healthy lifestyle.​​ (Grad at Grad: Faith in Presence of God, Excellence in Education) 
    Students will:
    1. Make connections between different physical activities and how if affects their mind body and soul.
    2. Analyze between different choices and how each contribute to their overall health.
    3. Connect social and spiritual components to physical health.
  • Respect and Activity

    Students will be able to demonstrate respect for all in a variety of physical activities.​ (Grad at Grad: Concern for the Poor and Social Justice. Excellence in Education, Respect for All Persons, Participation within Inclusive Community) 
    Students will:
    1. Demonstrate proper etiquette and respect in a variety of settings.
    2. Apply knowledge of different skills and be able to use the appropriate equipment correctly.
  • Technique

    Students will be able to demonstrate technique and its role in fitness, health and injury.(Grad at Grad: Faith in the Presence of God, Excellence in Education, Respect for All Persons) 
    Students will:
    1. Demonstrate proper technique in a variety of activities and situations.
    2. Analyze different techniques and form objectively.
    3. Describe how techniques prevent and rehabilitate injuries.


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Course Offerings

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  • Advanced Sports Medicine

    A college level course that concentrates on the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Students will know and understand the various therapeutic modalities, the evaluation process, stages of rehabilitation, as well as the healing process of soft tissue and bone and how each component works cohesively together to help athletes recover from an injury.
  • Culture of Sport and Fitness

    This is a dress-out course designed for students not formally involved in Mullen Athletics. This course blends culture and sports together. Students will see how culture has impacted sports around the world and will play the different sports to obtain a deeper understanding of the sport and culture connection. The course will present a variety of fitness opportunities to promote lifelong personal fitness. Students will set personal fitness goals and participate in group-led workouts that focus on improving muscle tone, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and flexibility. This course fulfills the Wellness elective graduation requirement. 
  • Health and Wellness

    This REQUIRED course is designed to inform and educate the student so that he / she may gain an understanding of how to promote a healthier lifestyle. The three components of health are addressed. The importance of integrating physical, mental, and social health are taught. The course will cover nutrition, eating disorders, CPR, first aid, infectious and non-infectious diseases, heart attacks, osteoporosis, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension, and certain cancers. The dangers of alcohol and substance abuse will be covered. Students will learn the importance of being a wise consumer. Students will engage in research projects, homework, tests, and will take a cumulative final exam.
  • Sports Medicine CP

    This course is designed to give students an introduction into the field of professional health care, with an emphasis on athletic training. This course will give students basic knowledge and skills of anatomy, physiology, pathology, emergency care, tasks and responsibilities of athletic training, medical terminology, general medical conditions, prevention and care of athletic injuries, appropriate taping and bracing skills, therapeutic modalities, appropriate stretching and strengthening techniques when dealing with rehabilitation. This class is set up to have lecture days and lab days where students practice skills. Students will earn a two year certification in first aid, CPR/AED for adult, child, and infant endorsed by the American Red Cross. This class includes an optional internship that students can apply knowledge to practical situations
  • Strength & Conditioning

    This course is a dress-out class designed to give students the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness to develop life-long wellness habits.  This course will focus on strength training in the weight room for the majority of the time and introduce students to concepts of nutrition, speed, agility, flexibility, and building one's own program to accommodate personal life-long wellness goals. This course fulfills the Wellness elective graduation requirement. 
  • Team Sports

    This is a dress-out class with the goal to develop the physical skills necessary to participate in many forms of movement, knowledge of team sports concepts such as offensive and defensive strategies and tactics, and appropriate social behaviors within a team or group setting. The integration of fitness concepts throughout the content is critical to the success of this course. Students will be engaged in a variety of team activities including but not limited to volleyball, flag football, eclipse ball, ultimate Frisbee, softball, tennis, and basketball. Cooperative team play, skills, and sportsmanship will be taught and enforced. This course fulfills the Wellness elective graduation requirement.