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Colorado State Champions:
1978, 1985 Class AAA

Parochial League Champions:

2019 Mustangs Baseball Team

Mustangs in the News

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  • 'Stangs open with a blast of Creek

    By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
    Moore, Stewart and Marsh headline an 8-2 home victory; 11-hit attack helps Mullen halt a 4-19 skid against Colorado's largest school.
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  • S-T-R-I-K-E!

    By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
    Mustangs ready to play ball after just one game in the 2020 season; lots of talent and lots of juniors, including Stanford commit Trevor Moore.
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  • Photo by John Leyba, Mullen Sports Photographer

    Fore! Girls golfers now on the tee

    By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
    Mullen girls golf, all but sidelined in 2020 by the coronavirus (COVID-19), can tee it up for preseason practice in the new Season D; six other sports will begin in a week.
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  • 'Stangs scored a 10 on signing finale

    By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
    Mullen seniors total 10 to wrap up signees for 2020-21.
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Diamond doings for Mullen have involved competitiveness for decades. The Mustangs continue to play up a classification (5A) and in the considerable Centennial League. Their roster has included the likes of professional pitchers Clint Zavaras and Mark Holzemer, and Sam Haggerty, who was a late call-up in 2019. Over the years, regular playoff participation also has attracted a steady stream of college interest. Concerning facilities, Mullen contains Bill Swift Field, one of the better yards on the circuit, as well as the Green Room, an indoor 60-by-40-yard complex in the school’s Spirit Center that also sports hitting cages. In 2021, a shortened schedule in Season D will have 16 games in the regular season that will end on June 12; regionals by June 15; and championship rounds from June 25-26.

Results, Roster, Schedule

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  • 2021 RESULTS

    Coming soon!
  • 2021 ROSTER


    No., Player, Yr.

    1, Sage Hurley, So.

    2, Ben Hawes, Jr.

    3, Ben Krza, Fr.

    4, Kyle Muhal, Sr.

    5, Andres Terrones-Garcia, Jr.

    5, Henry Shellhorn, Jr.

    6, Andrew Brady, Jr.

    7, Jack Newton, Fr.

    8, Joey Incitti, Sr.

    9, Henry Stewart, Jr.

    12, Maximillian Crosbie, Sr.

    13, Chase Brickley, Sr.

    14, Colin MacKenzie, So.

    15, Trevor Moore, Jr.

    16, Luca Maffoni, Sr.

    17, Owen Marsh, Jr.

    18, Drew Garcia, Sr.

  • 2021 SCHEDULE



    May 6 –
    Vs. Cherry Creek, 4:15 p.m.*

    May 8 –
    At Cherry Creek, 2 p.m.*

    May 10 –
    Vs. Eaglecrest, 4:15 p.m.*

    May 12 –
    At Eaglecrest, 4:15 p.m.*

    May 15 –
    Vs. Cherokee Trail 11 a.m.*

    May 17 –
    At Cherokee Trail, 4:15 p.m.*

    May 19 –
    At Arapahoe, 4:15 p.m.*

    May 21 – At Dakota Ridge, 4:30 p.m.

    May 24 – Vs. Grandview, 4:15 p.m.*

    May 26 –
    At Grandview, 4:15 p.m.*

    May 29 –
    At Smoky Hill, 11 a.m.*

    June 1 –
    Vs. Smoky Hill, 4:15 p.m.*

    June 3 –
    Vs. Overland, 4:15 p.m.*

    June 5 –
    At Overland, 11 a.m.*

    June 8 –
    At Legacy, 3 p.m.

    June 10 –
    Vs. Arapahoe, 4:15 p.m.*

    * -- Denotes Centennial League game

  • 2020 RESULT

    March 12 -- Mullen 11, Highlands Ranch 1
  • 2020 ROSTER


    No., Player, Pos., Yr.

    1, Trey Sieradski, OF, Sr.

    2, Steph Loya, INF, Sr.

    3, Alec Elges, P-INF, Sr.

    4, Andrew Brady, OF-INF, So.

    5, Wyatt Reynolds, P, Sr.

    6, Jadin Tafoya, OF, Sr.

    7, Luca Maffoni, OF, Jr.

    8, Ben Martinez, OF-P, So.

    9, Trevor Moore, INF-P, So.

    10, Nick Perri, INF, Sr.

    11, Matt Tafoya, P, Sr.

    12, Nick Allen, OF-P, Sr.

    13, Henry Stewart, OF-P, So.

    14, Kevin McGuire, OF-INF, Sr.

    15, Chase Brickley, P-INF, Jr.

    16, A.J. Naha, C-P-INF, Sr.

    17, Owen Marsh, P-C-INF, So.


    No., Player, Pos., Yr.

    1, Jaxon Riley-Combs, OF, So.

    2, Sage Hurley. INF-P, Fr.

    3, Jacob Paz, INF-P, So.

    4, Kyle Muhal, OF-P, Jr.

    5, Will Mowers, C-INF, So.

    6, Alex Acosta, INF, Jr.

    7, Andres Archuletta, P-INF-OF, Jr.

    8, Joey Incitti, P-INF, Jr.

    9, Brayden O’Hayre, INF-OF-P, So.

    10, Henry Shellhorn, C-P-OF, So.

    11, Max Crosbie, INF-P, Jr.

    13, Aaron Atencio-Fuentes, INF-P, So.

    14, Josh Lear, P-INF, So.

    15, Drew Trujillo, INF-OF-P, So.

    17, Andrew Garcia, INF, Jr.

    19, Joe Murphy, INF-P, So.


    No., Player, Pos., Yr.

    1, David Krieger, INF, So.

    5, Cody Muir, OF-INF, So.

    7, Ben Hawes, OF-P, So.

    9, Ryan Jackson, INF-OF-P, Fr.

    10, Colin Morton, C-INF, FR.

    10, Sean Phelps, OF-INF-P, So.

    11, Sebastian Hattenbach, INF-OF, So.

    12, Colin Mackenzie, OF-P-INF, So.

    13, Grant Foust, OF-P, So.

    14, Michael Broulliette, INF-OF-P, So.

    16, Ian Sandoval, INF-OF, Fr.

    20, Gus Peonio, P-INF-OF, Fr.


    No., Mustang, Pos., Yr.

    3, John Lenich, INF-OF, Fr.

    4, Michael Rose, INF-OF, Fr.

    5, J.P. Keeley, INF-OF, Fr.

    7, Joe Miller, C-INF-OF, Fr.

    9, Spencer Kreiling, INF-P, Fr.

    13, Carson Duke, P-OF, Fr.

    15, Brayden Stewart, OF-P-INF, Fr.

    17, Michael Thompson, C-INF, Fr.

    18, Patrick Duke, C-INF, Fr.

    19, Andres Bertaud, INF-OF-P, Fr.

    21, Liam Lawrence, INF-OF-P, Fr.

    22, Ishmael Aceves, OF-P, Fr.




List of 8 items.

  • Nick Arcuri

    Varsity Head Coach
    Read More
  • Phil Stanford

    Varsity Assistant Coach
  • Aryn Campbell

    Varsity Assistant Coach
  • Anthony Gutierrez

    Pitching Program Coach
  • Ken Girton

    Junior Varsity Coach
  • Drew Petersen

    Junior Varsity Coach
  • Jordan Nathanson

    Sophomore Coach
  • Gregg Gausman

    Freshmen Coach

Photos by John Leyba