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  • Prep re-opening on June 1

    By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
    Caution, intelligence and patience will be required, but it's a start -- individual decisions to be made at the local level.
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  • Zoom workouts starting June 2nd

    Grant Stewart
    Mullen Sports Performance is conducting live, Zoom workouts for all Mullen students starting Tuesday June 2nd.  No exercise equipment or weights are required, but can be used.  Email Coach Stewart, and join the Google Classroom to register for dates and times.  The Google Classroom code is: uhh2n6i.  Updates will also be on Twitter @mullen_strength and Instagram @mullensportsperformance
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  • Resilient, Issue 25

    Antonio Corral, Mullen Senior
    Antonio Corral has dabbled in many classes, sports and programs while at Mullen. So when the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit and wiped out what his final months with the school, he decided to use the resilience he developed as a Mustang. Indeed, he misses what could have been, but he’ll always be with Mullen, always be counted among the Mustangs. 
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The Mustangs are working toward their first state championship in the sport. They will compete in Class 5A (the larger of the two classifications) and will be in the Centennial League along with Arapahoe, Cherokee Trail, Cherry Creek, Eaglecrest, Grandview, Overland and Smoky Hill. There will be 42 schools in 5A and 16 will advance to the state bracket. Since sanctioning in 1999, only 10 schools have won titles.

2020 Rosters

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  • Varsity

    Mustang, Year

    Alex Abariotes, Sr.

    Tanner Amman, Sr.

    Luke Archibald, Sr.

    Clayton Barden, Sr.

    Nicholas Bond, Fr.

    Christofer Bougie, So.

    Luc Caldwell, Jr.

    Mason Coon, Sr.

    Antonio Corral, Sr.

    Luke Dempsey, Fr.

    Vincent DiFeo, Sr.

    Luke Elges, Sr.

    Gage Fisher, Sr.

    Dominic Flores, So.

    Nicholas Gilbert, Jr.

    Blake Good, Sr.

    Brandon Hane, Jr.

    Willis Hanson, Sr.

    Ethan Hart, Sr.

    Lance Hart, So.

    Liam Headley, Sr.

    Ryan Hearty, Sr.

    Dominic Jablonsky, Sr.

    Edward Konizeski, So.

    Andrew McGuan, Sr.

    Peter Osborn, Sr.

    Keegan Quinn, Jr.

    Lorenzo Riley Combs, Sr.

    J.P. Starkey, Sr.

    Connor Warren, So.

    Robby WItwer, Jr.

    Managers – Ashley Gosch, Sr., and Sydney Wills, Sr.


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  • Matt Cawley

    Head Coach

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  • Luke Janssen

    Assistant Coach Varsity
  • Nick Phillips

    Assistant Coach, Varsity Defensive Coordinator
  • Mark Felton

    Assistant Coach Varsity
  • Paul Taylor

    Assistant Coach Varsity
  • Bear Scott

    Goalies Coach
  • Pat Garland

    Head Coach Junior Varsity
  • David Corral

    Assistant Coach Junior Varsity
  • Neal Kopec

    Assistant Coach Junior Varsity
  • Peter White

    Assistant Coach Junior Varsity

Photos by John Leyba