Boys Soccer

Colorado state champion:
2011, Class 4A

Mullen Boys Soccer

The Mustangs have been a factor on the pitch for years, topped by their state title in the midrange class eight seasons ago. They remain assigned to the Centennial League and are the only 4A squad in a 5A-based outlay. As a result, their high-end competition has helped keep them in the state chase.


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  • Varsity

    2, A.J. Gamueda, F-MF, Jr.
    4, Luke Elges, D-MF, Sr.
    5, James Blackford, D-MF, Jr.
    6, Dilon Segler, D, Jr.
    8, Cole Dempsey, F-MF, Jr.
    9, Kyle Jordan, MF, Jr.
    12, Andrew DeBerardinis, MF, So.
    14, Eli Kerschen, MF, So.
    16, Cody Muir, MF, So.
    17, Patrick Keeley, FB, Jr.
    20, Bryce, Sohayda, MF, So.
    22, Kyle Cooper, MF-F, Sr.
    --, Alex Evans, MF, Fr.
    --, Andrew McGrath, F, So.
    --, Chris Miller, MF-F, Jr.
    --, Eddie Roth, D-MF, Fr.
    --, Ethan Heffern, GK, So.
    --, Ethan Lehman, F-MF, Fr.
    --, Jack Sargent, MF-F, So.
    --, Leo Agular, D, So.
    --, Paddy Bradley, D, Jr.

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  • Matt Guglielmo

    Head Coach
    303-761-1764, ext. 2814
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  • Caroline Heaney

    Prep Coach
  • Mike Hix

    Varsity Assistant
  • Mark Friedrich

    Varsity Assistant
  • Jamie Simnitt-Jesperson

    Goalie Coach
  • Mark Sunderhuse

    Varsity Assistant
  • Troy Tallmadge

    Junior-Varsity Coach