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The Mustangs remain as legitimate competitors in the Class 5A-dominated Centennial League, continuing to go against the best there is in the Rocky Mountains.  Finishing top five at state last season, the Mustangs are confident about challenging for the 2019 Class 4A championship.


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  • Varsity

    George Henry Hanzel

    Mac Caldwell

    Dante Dino

    J.P. Starkey

    Tanner Amman

    Coleman Guthrie

    Jack Barker

    Luc Caldwell

    Kevin McGuire

    Charlie Manta

    Greg McMullan

    Ashton Smaldone

    Roman Fresquez

  • Varsity II

    Caleb Castillo

    T.J. Lane

    Ben Baker

    Collin Mackenzie

    Patrick Duke

    Brandon Hane

    Blake Aragoza

    Luke Archibald

    Carlos Pena

    Sean Phelps

    Adam Archibald

    Tommy DeNezza

    Joe Murphy

    Noah Wanja

    Connor Manzer

    Willis Hanson

  • Junior Varsity

    (Listed in order of early seaosn ranking)

    Carson Duke

    Charlie Berger

    Cooper Williamson

    Matt Veale

    John Lenich

    Jack Reed

    Jacob Nearing

    Will Langston

    Jackson Alexander

    Michael Nguyen

    Lucas Castillo

    Anthony Giacchino

    Finn Storby

    Colin Morton

    Joshua Jeffers

    Jack Martin

    Andrew Markel

    Joel Santisteven

    Jonathan Salin

    Jack Wallace

    Connor Quinn

    Nick Ryan

    Andre Allen

    Jaxson Stathis

    Rex Broussard

    Patrick Hamer

    Johnathan Aragon

    Luke Desaetels

    Antonio Corral

    Ben Walden

    John Prentice

    Toby Grosso

    Chris Bougie



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  • Jacob Ohrman

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  • Greg Pond

    Varsity II Coach
  • Bill Lacock

    Assistant Varsity Coach

  • Gary Webster

    Junior Varsity Coach
  • Alexandra Sturgell

    Assistant Junior Varsity Coach

Photos by John Leyba