Cross Country

Colorado 4A state champions:
Boys - 1999 | Girls  - 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
The Mustangs have been among the state’s top elite programs, winning six state championships, five by the girls, in a state whose competitors have embraced distance running and are among the best in the U.S. The Mustangs usually compete across the state’s top two groups, Classes 5A and 4A, and regularly are challenged within the Centennial League.


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  • Boys and girls varsity

    Jonathan Egan

    Scott Jensen

    John Kearney

    Will Locascio

    Drew Rau

    Brayden Sorrells

    Zeke Cortez

    Michael Dudzic

    Helmuth Grohmann

    Gunnar Holmes

    Wilson Hyatt

    Ben Jackson

    Blake Machock

    Chris Moser

    Eric Rapp

    Dominik Scelza

    Aidan Schwarz

    Ian Zhang

    Mason Atwell

    Adam Domenico

    Andrew Kwon

    Joshua Marsh

    Owen McCarter

    Diego Taboada-Cross

    Jack Tolbert

    Carson Duke

    Sam Ficsor

    Max Hatfield

    Nate Hoody

    Brecken Lusk

    Luke Nelligan

    Lukas Powell

    Rocco Vendena
    Lizzy Blaschke

    Emily DeLine

    Abigail DeNezza

    Hanna Do

    Laney Dugan

    Raqel Flores

    Brooklyn Hanely

    Katie Liedtke

    Natasha Marcoux

    Mia Martinez

    Madeline May

    Lizzy Pluemer

    Anika Rosengarten

    Sophia Rotello

    Rachel Rowland

    Lauren Sciullo

    Alex Seward

    Claire Sherwood

    Jade Swickard

    Viena Valladares

    Madison Wainscoat

    Claudia Farnell

    Sofia Flores

    Sage McCamley

    Amanda Muir

    Anna Seaman

    Kaitlin Stanford


    Sarah Victoria Alvarez

    Evenyce Gutierrez

    Alicia Muller

    Anika Obrecht

    Emma Oliver

    Allison Pluemer

    Marin Smith

    Megan Sullivan

    Lily Truell

    Anya Valladares

    Catrina Zhang

    Kaurys Bermudez

    Lily Crawford

    Ava Cummings

    Ella Dammen

    Octavia Gomez

    Sydney Goodhue

    Savanna Hanley

    Emma Hehn

    Helena Holguin-Campos

    Samantha Hyatt

    Lauren Machock

    Katie McCain

    Kennedy McCamley

    Caty Meisner

    Tara Mulholland

    Amy O’Connell

    Abby Poister

    Veronica Rogers

    Sophia Siepman

    Paige Weaver

    Kendall West

    Monica Young


Mustangs in the News

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  • Prep re-opening on June 1

    By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
    Caution, intelligence and patience will be required, but it's a start -- individual decisions to be made at the local level.
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  • Zoom workouts starting June 2nd

    Grant Stewart
    Mullen Sports Performance is conducting live, Zoom workouts for all Mullen students starting Tuesday June 2nd.  No exercise equipment or weights are required, but can be used.  Email Coach Stewart, and join the Google Classroom to register for dates and times.  The Google Classroom code is: uhh2n6i.  Updates will also be on Twitter @mullen_strength and Instagram @mullensportsperformance
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  • Running on Faith, Love, and Hope, Issue 30

    Joe Welling, Assistant Principal
    For Joe Welling, assistant principal and multi-sport running coach, he writes for Mullen Today’s Unordinary Times from the heart. With years of experience as a Lasallian Educator, he has broken down this difficult stretch of the coronavirus (COVID-19) into running on faith, love and hope. He also cites the resilience of the Mustangs community, its ability to continue to produce outstanding young people in the  midst of joy at Mullen and operating under the Grace of God. 
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