Girls Basketball

Colorado state champions:
2000, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2019
The Mustangs enter the 2019-20 season as defending state champions in Class 4A. They have been a big part of the female in-state game the past three decades that has enjoyed accelerated advancement since sanctioning and annually sends dozens of prospects to the next level. Having won five state championships, Mullen is among Colorado’s elite. During the regular season, the Mustangs compete in the Class 5A-based Centennial League before moving into the 4A postseason.

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  • 2019-2020 Roster


    No.,  Player, Yr.

    1, Megan Pohs, Jr.

    3, Elaina Martinez, Jr.

    4, Alexa Dominguez, Jr.

    5, Jessica Oates-Stamm, Jr.

    10, Haley Van Horn, Jr.

    11, Imani Perez, So.

    15, Abby Webster, Jr.

    20, Makenna Elges, Jr.

    22, Evenyce Gutierrez, So.

    23, Gracie Gallegos, So.

    40, Kilah Feelon, So.

    Aubrey Crawford and Emma Dorzda

    Junior Varsity

    No.,  Player, Yr.

    1, Lizzie Marcoux, Fr.

    2, Bella Aragon, So.

    4, Haley McCurdy, Jr.

    5, Jessica Oates-Stamm, Jr.

    10, Sophia Zienkewicz, Fr.

    20, Cameron McMichael, So.

    22, Evenyce Gutierrez, So.

    23, Alexa Visocky, Fr.

    30, Kaitlyn Clark, Fr.

    40, Kilah Freelon, So.

    Tori Covarrubias and Hannah Giacomin

    Level C

    No.,  Player, Yr.

    2, Raelynn Olivas, So.

    3, Izzie Jagels, Fr.

    4, Elizabeth McDermott, Fr.

    5, Elizabeth Cutting, So.

    15, Isabella Medina, Fr.

    22, Lily Crawford, Fr.

    23, Olivia Incitti, Fr.

    25, Addison Yount, Fr.

    40, Sophia Siepman, Fr.

    Level D

    No.,  Player, Yr.

    1, Marley Volz, Fr.

    2, Lynaya Maestas, Fr.

    12, Abigail Callahan, Fr.

    14, Katherine McCain, Fr.

    22, Ajulu Agang, So.

    30, Brooklyn Chacon, Fr.

    34, Megan Ellis, Fr.

    35, Michelle Nguyen, Fr.

    41, Yamil Snodgrass, So.


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  • Frank Cawley

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  • Bob O’Hare

    Varsity Assistant
  • Janelle Petersen

    Program Assistant Coach
  • Abby Neff

    Junior Varsity Coach
  • Julie Metcalf

    Level C and D Coach
  • Meghan Becker

    Junior Varsity Assistant Coach
  • Liz Hamer

    Program Assistant Coach

Photos by John Leyba