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The Mustangs are working toward their first state championship in the sport. There is one classification for girls lacrosse. Mullen will compete in the Centennial League along with Arapahoe, Cherokee Trail, Cherry Creek, Eaglecrest, Grandview, Overland and Smoky Hill. There are 58 schools in the sport and 20 will qualify for the state bracket.

2020 Rosters

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  • Varsity

    No., Player, Pos., Yr.

    2, J.J. Johnson, M-A, Fr.

    5, Claire Mochan, M-D, Jr.

    8, Jordan Weber, A, Fr.

    10, Elsa Heinz, D, Fr.

    11, Anna Hoyt, A, Sr.

    12, Cierra Jeffries, G, Sr.

    13, Maryn Powell, D, Sr.

    15, Genessa Ziegler, D, Jr.

    16, Charlie Beck, M, So.

    17, Emma Oliver, M-A, So.

    18, Madelyn Aquino, D, Sr.

    20, Elise Bialecki, M, Jr.

    21, Molly Gilbert, A-M, Jr.

    22, Sierra Thomas, A, Sr.

    23, Sarah Galligan, D, Sr.

    24, Sydney Bullen, D-M, Sr.

    25, Zoe Halas, D, Sr.

    26, Haley Vanek, A-M, So.

    27, Haley McCurdy, D-M, Jr.

    31, Maya Dammen, A, Jr.

    33, Cameron McMichael, D-So.

    34, Zara Teger, D, Jr.

    39, Aby Armstrong, A, Sr.

    --, Mia Gallegos, D, Sr.

  • Junior Varsity

    No., Player, Pos., Yr.

    1, Lily Crawford, M, Fr.

    3, Phoenix GschndwendWard, M, Fr.

    6, Maddie Karr, A-M, Fr.

    7, Natalie Jones, D, So.

    14, Elizabeth Cutting, M, So.

    28, Ella Dammen, D-M, Fr.

    30, Lauren Krager, D, Jr.

    32, Katie McCain, A, So.

    36, Cece Duran, D, Fr.

    38, Ainsley Lynett, D, Fr.

    40, Lauren Machock, A, Fr.

    42, Emma O’ Connell, M, Fr.

    43, Stella Smith, M, Fr.

    44, Catherine Meisner, A, Fr.

    46, Avery White, D-M, Fr.

    50, Hanah Pachi, D, Fr.

    --, Ellen Bogucki, M, Fr.


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