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Girls Swimming & Diving

Colorado state champions:
1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005

Mustang 2019-2020 Girls Swimming and Diving Team
Mullen girls swimming and diving continues as a wave at altitude despite no pool to call its own -- the Mustangs do not host meets, but survive quite well on road water. A year ago, Mullen was third in Class 4A and set a half-dozen school marks. It was fourth in 2019. Overall, the Mustangs have won seven Colorado championships, each in a 10-year span that ended in 2005. In a shortened season, they will be practicing at Smoky Hill in Aurora.  

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  • 2019-2020 Roster


    Elise Bialecki

    Helena Compos

    Emilianna Capra

    Jordan Cleary

    Claire Chahbandour

    Grace Champagne

    Christine Chavez

    Meagan Compton

    Anna Cromer

    Ava Cummings

    Chase Davison

    Cecilia Duran

    Brooke Ellis

    Molly Floyd

    Yenissa Garcia

    Megan Heffern

    Lucy Kohara

    Jill Kublacki

    Gabby Leif

    Ansley Lynett

    Mary Macauley

    Sophia Mankus

    Angela Martinez

    Natalia Martinez

    Sage McCamley

    Anna McGarry

    Lizzie McGarry

    Claire Mochan

    Mia Mowers

    Alicia Muller

    Annika Noonenmacher

    Emma O’Connor

    Kim Pham

    Rachel Rowland

    Madalyn Ryan

    Megan Sandy

    Anna Seaman

    Anarose Schwamm

    Alison Sherwood

    Lindsey Sowitch

    Page Sowitch

    Mary Swanno

    Jade Swickard

    Cecelia Tauer

    Catherine Walker

    Paige Weaver

    Avery White

    Edie White

    Anya Valladares

    Vienna Valladares

    Shuhan Zang

    Gigi Zinis


    Lexi Amman

    Grace Angell

    Anna Brown

    Olivia Brehm

    Molly Gilbert

    Ava Gravina

    Romie Gutierrez

    Brooklyn Hanley

    Abby Jablonski

    Jamison Johnson

    Kennedy McCamley

    Tara Mulholland

    Kaitlyn Rapp

    Leah Reister

    Claire Sherwood

    Kendall West



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2019 Dive Team