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As a student, I knew there was something special about Mullen. So when it came to choosing a place to teach, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Mullen is not simply another building where young adults go to learn literacy, history, or arithmetic; it is a home. Mullen started quite literally as a home for wayward and lost boys; the same altruism echoes through the hallways today for every students that walks in the door. Mullen's special quality is not the exceptional academics nor the achievements in competition; rather it is genuine care provided to every person. A home is created by the family that occupies it. At Mullen, our focus is not simply on teaching students but instead on fostering a family. In this family we watch over each other, we council and advise, we celebrate successes, we help each other, we pray together, we grieve together, we laugh together, and we grow together. So why did I choose to teach at Mullen? The answer is simple; it was time to go home.
Liz Hamer - Class of 2005
English Teacher


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