Event requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the time of the event. All events will be scheduled Monday - Thursday. The Rilko will not be scheduled on:Fridays, Weekends, Non-class days or Holidays. Booster meetings and pre-season dinners are scheduled in the Activities Center. Events with less than 75 participants will be held in the Activities Center.

The following is prohibited in all facilities:

1. Smoking
2. Alcoholic beverages
3. Helium-filled balloons
4. Smoke/fog machines
5. Loose glitter/confetti
6. Wall fasteners other than removable masking tape
7. Any equipment that requires other than existing electrical outlets or circuit

The following is expected in all facilities:

1. Any use of the overhead projector, sound board, light board, or lap top must be operated by a trained student, staff or faculty member.  A $30.00 fee must be paid to the assigned student from the specific organization.
2. Requests for the above equipment must be made at least two weeks in advance of the activity date.
3. User will not exceed the contracted usage time.
4. User is responsible for the complete removal of all decorations and fasteners.
5. User is responsible for all clean-up of contracted areas. This includes collecting and removing all trash to outside dumpsters, cleaning all used furniture and returning all furnishings to their original positions.
6. Chairs should be stacked by each table six chairs to a stack.
7. Use of the kitchen must be approved by the maintenance office.

Failure to follow these rules may result in the loss of the organization to any facilities for future events.

Please fill out the online registration below or print the registration and return to the maintenance office.

Rilko Registration

Facility Usage Registration

Facility Needs
Please select the facility that you will be using.
Equipment Needs
Please select the equipment you will need from the list below.
Facility Usage
Kitchen use must be approved by the maintenance department.

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