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March 6, 2020

Jeffrey M. Howard
Dr. Cardenas and I sent out a series of communications this week concerning coronavirus. Please know that we are paying close attention to developments and our team discusses this every day. We want to be sure we find that very difficult space between under reacting and over reacting to this situation. At the center of our approach - always and ever - will be keeping your students as safe as we possibly can. Each decision we make is evaluated through that perspective. We will continue to communicate clearly about steps we are taking and we are very much encouraging you to monitor your students’ health - as you always do - and to keep them home when appropriate - as I know you do as well!
Mardi Gras
This weekend marks Mullen’s party of the year - our annual Mardi Gras Gala! I am so excited for Saturday night and I hope to see many of you there. As we come together to celebrate Mullen High School and the gift that it is in our lives and to our community, we commemorate in a very special way this year the decision to offer a Mullen education to women some 30 years ago. 
This choice made in the late 1980s (when I was a student at the cross town rival school) reminds me that Mullen has always been visionary and looking ahead. We carry that same spirit of innovation and that same courage with us into the future.
What a great place this is and I look forward to seeing many of you Saturday as we gather to celebrate this place!
Kairos Wraps for the Year
As the week concludes, so does our Kairos retreat program for 2019-2020. Over 95% of our juniors attended a Kairos this year and my hope is that they all were inspired by this wonderful retreat. I am most grateful to the faculty and staff who have given of their time to team this retreat, to the student leaders who guide it, to Mr. Degitis and Ms. Hooper who coordinate it and to you parents who give it your support. It is truly an amazing thing...

The Five Core Principles
One of the many blessings of working at a Lasallian school like ours is living the shared history and community of the broader Lasallian world. Over the course of the next few editions of the  Mullen Weekly, I am going to highlight one of the five Core Principles that we hope to instill in our students and that I hope we are living in our work with them. This week, we continue our conversation with Quality Education.
From the Lasallian District of San Francisco/New Orleans:  “The Lasallian school provides an education that prepares students not only to contribute to society but to transform it. It calls all to use their knowledge and talents to critically examine and engage the world in light of the message of the Gospel.”
Without adherence to this crucial Core Principal, we do not have a school! Delivering a quality education and one that prepares our students for college and for life beyond high school in one of our highest responsibilities. I think we do a terrific job with it!
Please have terrific weekends.