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I Want It Back, Issue 9

Alexander Price, Mullen Senior
Senior Alexander Price is feeling the stress, disappointment, and sadness that a majority of Mullen Seniors are feeling at the moment. To them, Mullen was a home. To them, it was a place where they could all come together to be one family. But now, they don’t have that chance anymore.
It is insane to me that I will never return to Mullen High School as a student.The next time I will come back, I will be an Alumni. That is crazy to me. But, in my opinion, we are one of the strongest senior classes of all time. Our senior class has experienced the cancellation of their senior prom, senior ditch day, senior trips, senior sporting seasons, water wars, senior retreat, senior prank, getting their yearbooks together, senior shows, and their own graduation. But my class has been strong. They have found light in the darkness. Graduation is something that we seniors have worked for, for over twelve years of our lives. It should have been the moment where we would have become adults, and continued our life journey. Yes, I’m sure that it will still happen, but it will not be the same. We will not be at school together a week before and talk about what will happen, and how excited we will all be together. We don’t get that anymore. 

Something I personally will miss is being Sacrastin. I have worked with Ms. Niblack for my four years at Mullen and I have loved every second. I will miss bringing the student body together to celebrate school masses. Bringing the students together really showed me how much everyone is loved, and how we are a community that lives by the 5 Core Principles. 

Online School has been very hard for me and my friends. It is extremely challenging for us seniors to put in the time for online school one month before we all were supposed to graduate. Senioritis is also not helping us. We all felt the effects of senioritis, but now the curse has tripled. We are also all feeling the frustration of learning new material in an online classroom that we will not remember very well in the future due to craziness that is going on. Online classes are just a reminder of what we are missing. 

I have been involved in theatre for three years, and I have loved every second of it. It was my home. It was a place where I could be myself. It was a place where I met my best friend, and it was a place where I felt relief from the stresses of everyday life. Being in this quarantine, I have had much time to reflect back on my memories of high school, and the main ones I have thought of are from theatre. Theatre was my family. The people in theatre made high school so meaningful and special to me. I was given the role of Publicity Director in my junior year and ran @mullen_theatre, which was probably one of my favorite things to do at Mullen. Through that account, I made friendships with students in different grade levels, and with teachers who helped me with ideas. My favorite time in theatre was when it became our performance week. Performance week, we stayed until 9 o’clock every night, rehearsing the show over and over again. That was my favorite time of theatre because we were all making magic together. “Theatre is the only place you can find yourself by pretending to be someone else.” I just wish I appreciated it more while I was there. I wish that I could go back and be with everyone again, laughing and being crazy on stage together. I wish I could go back and do the senior traditions that I didn’t get to do. My advice for my fellow theatre kids is to not rush anything. Live in the moment, because you do not know when it will all be taken away from you.

During this Quarantine, I have also found a place where I can, if only for a couple hours, forget about this virus, and what it has done. I work at Starbucks. I am so lucky to work in a place where everyone cares about one another so much. We all understand what we are all going through, and everyone there is willing to help you. I also love working there during this time, because I am able to socialize with others. I am a very extroverted person, and being able to go out and work, and make people coffee, and talk with them is keeping me sane. If I didn’t work during this time, I don’t know what I would do. I am so thankful for my coffee family. 

This quarantine has made me realise what an amazing experience high school was. It made me realise that I have amazing friends, I had amazing teachers, and I am so blessed to have experienced four years with all of you!