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Our new normal is at home, Issue 16

Alek Elges, Mullen Senior

Alek Elges had no idea that Mullen’s first baseball game, played on opening day of spring last month, would be the program’s only one of the season. The 12th-grader, one of many Mustangs excited about their chances in 2020, instead had to settle for one of life’s lessons. In writing for Mullen Today’s Unordinary Times, Elges, who is part of a large family contingent to go through Mullen’s doors, also notes about impulsive moves while staying at home as well as moving on to college and hoping to get back to normal.

If you would have told me our senior baseball season would’ve been put on hold, I would’ve thought you were crazy. 

I was getting excited for our season, we looked very promising. We had nine seniors who had trained very hard for four years and wanted their chances to play. We had six returning starters and a very good young core. We looked really good in our only game, beating Highlands Ranch 11-1 (in 5 innings).

But if life has taught us anything, it’s that life is never easy or fair.

I feel bad for the athletes who got their seasons cut short, but I feel worse for the senior athletes who played their last games … and without knowing it. As difficult as it is, we know that people’s safety comes before baseball. But we are a tight-knit team and we still talk, which makes these times easier.

Now most days I spend my time working out, throwing and doing school work. My brother has been very helpful during this time as we have been working out together. He has also been willing to throw with me almost every day. I still had hopes that our season would resume and that the team would get a chance to play. Unfortunately, our season was cancelled, so I look forward to attending Webster University and getting my chance to play baseball there.

When you stay home as much as we have, you can do some pretty strange things. And so I thought to myself, I would look good blonde! I told my mom and she was hesitant but agreed to help me dye my hair. But sometimes you shouldn’t listen to every thought you have because some of them are, well  bad. I can prove this to you because my hair is now red with no available professional to fix it.

Hopefully life will go back to normal, but it looks like for at least the next several few weeks our new normal is at home.