One Book, One School Program

Driven by the desire to enhance literacy skills and to bring generations of students and families together in the Lasallian tradition of creating and maintaining relationships, Mullen High School is actively organizing a community-based reading initiative for the 2018-2019 summer and school year. Known as a One Book, One School program, the project serves to engage faculty, staff, community members, students, and their families in reading one literary selection that at once appeals to its readers from cross-cultural and cross-curricular perspectives alike.

The unique benefits of this program surface when the varied readers discuss and analyze the insights and observations they have gathered from the book. Like traveling to a foreign country together, students, families, faculty, and staff are united through a singular literary experience...a singular literary language. ​Accordingly, we are requiring that all of our students, regardless of grade or course level, read the book, A Chance in the World, by Steve Pemberton, during the course of the summer and complete complementary assignments. 



Summer Assignments & Edmodo Codes

One Book, One School - A Chance in the World

AP Human Geo: Assignment
Edmodo Code: rj7dgi     

AP US History: Packet
Edmodo Code:  eicmax 

English Assignment

AP English
Edmodo Code:  ggkjcy 

AP Chemistry 
Edmodo Code: 2h8cyj 

AP Latin
Edmodo Code:  mrbp8p
AP Government
Assignments: 1, 2, 3 & 4 

AP Computer Science
Edmodo Code:8ygtfe
Summer Project

AP Physics C 
Edmodo Code: grc4bx

AP Bio 
Edmodo Code:  rriqr5 

AP Calculus AB 
Edmodo Code: tvic2f

AP Calculus BC
Edmodo Code: q9nn55

Spanish 1 Honors 
Edmodo Code:  2jdbf3 


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