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The Mullen High Community comes together to celebrate the Class of 2020!

Rita Niblack

The Mullen High Community comes together to celebrate the Class of 2020!

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2020,

We are so excited for graduation on Tuesday!  Here are the final details:
  • Please drop off your student in the Spirit Center parking lot and then park in the main lot. Only those with pre-arranged accessible parking will be allowed to park in the Spirit Center lot, and must arrive by 5:00pm.  There is no parking on the west side behind the bleachers. 
  • Students must arrive by 4:30pm and go directly to the Green Room for check-in.  The Spirit Center parking lot will be locked at 5:00pm for security reasons.  After that students must walk from the main parking lot to the Spirit Center.
  • It is predicted to be very hot.  We encourage guests to bring water and sunscreen, as well as to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  A cushion may make the bleachers more comfortable.  Bathrooms will be limited and all buildings will be locked.
  • You must have a ticket and enter and exit through the gate marked on your ticket.  Please complete the passive health check on the ticket and show it as you enter.  If you are sick, please do not come to graduation.
  • All tickets were mailed over a week ago.  If you have not received yours please email niblack@mullenhigh.com.
  • Everyone MUST wear a mask and social distance.  Only sit on the marked areas and follow the usher instructions.  A zoom link will be available to students who are not in attendance. Please email Ms. Niblack for the link.
  • No one may come on the field, except those with special seating.  No one may approach the stage to take photos.  Everyone must remain in their seats throughout the ceremony.  A photographer will be taking photos of each of the graduates and will share these for free on Google.
We imagine that though different and restricted, this will be a beautiful graduation.  Many thanks for all the emails and gratitude as well as support you have shown us during these months of planning.


Rita Niblack
Pastoral Director