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Community Life

Service Learning

The Service Learning Program at Mullen High School promotes ways for students, through organized service learning programs, to put their faith into action and further the cause of social justice by participating in community outreach programs. These service projects enable students to share faith, prayer, individual reflection, and lessons in community building thus truly living the Lasallian Core Principle of Concern for the Poor and Social Justice.

Service Learning Contact

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    Mara Dougherty 

    Director of Service Learning

Fast Facts

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  • What are the expectations of service to graduate?

    As a student at Mullen High School, you are required to complete 70 total hours of service.  Not all volunteering counts as service hours to meet Mullen’s graduation requirements.  We align our service with our core principles focusing on service for and alongside the marginalized and service within our Mullen community.

    Marginalized Service - 40 hours minimum
    Marginalized is service specifically with an underserved or overlooked individual or group.  This is how we live out the Core Principle of Concern for the Poor and Social Justice.
    • Serving at/with academic or athletic programs for marginalized children and adults, retirement communities/nursing homes, any shelter for a marginalized population, food banks, soup kitchens, helping elderly neighbors, helping those with physical or mental impairments
    • Immersion trips 
    • Some specific events on school trips that are service oriented
    Mullen Service - 15 hours minimum
    Service done for and with the Mullen community.
    • Open House
    • Campus/Garden cleanups
    • Managing Athletic Teams → capped at 20 hours per season if you are not also an athlete on that team.  This is based on how involved you are with the team according to the coach.
    • Concessions and assistance at athletic events
    • Service done for your own faith community, e.g. altar serving  or helping in Sunday/Bible school
    • Tutoring on campus as part of NHS
    Passion Service - 15 hours maximum*
    The purpose of this service category is to give students the space to explore service opportunities that do not fit in the two main categories but may align with your personal interests and ignite a passion for lifelong service.  
    • Organized trail/park cleanups
    • Work with animal shelters
    • Volunteering at hospitals 

    For you to be able to count hours in this flexible category, you must APPLY to have the hours count.  To do so, please fill out the Passion Service Hours - Application.
    * You do not need to find a passion service!  You can use these 15 hours for more marginalized or Mullen service.
  • How do I track my hours?

    Hours are tracked using MobileServe.  Students should download the app and track service hours AS THEY ARE COMPLETED!!!!!
  • Where can marginalized service learning hours be obtained?

    Churches, hospitals, academic or athletic programs for marginalized children and adults, retirement communities/nursing homes, any shelter for a marginalized population, food banks, soup kitchens, community gardens, helping elderly neighbors, helping those with physical or mental impairments, among many other ways.
  • Where can Mullen service hours be obtained?

    Open house, academic or athletic events, Mullen-sponsored club events, Mullen-sponsored events, any event on Mullen’s campus, among many other ways.
  • What is the Freshman Service Day?

    During first trimester, each student will be introduced to service learning by attending an immersion trip to the Denver Rescue Mission. Students will also learn about the importance of service learning in a Lasallian community and expectations for graduation. These trips will be numerous different days during first trimester, and will be scheduled depending on a student’s orientation group. Approaching a student’s service day, each will be given a Code of Conduct and a Travel/Liability Release. A student may not attend the Freshman Service Day without these forms.
  • What are service immersion trips at Mullen High School?

    Service Immersion Trips are a great opportunity for students to immerse themselves in different types of cultures and walk with those who need a variety of supports. Service immersion trips require a mature student who is eager to experience service firsthand and able to appropriately and maturely reflect on those experiences. There will be an application process for each immersion trip, and preference is given to upperclassmen. In the fall, we will plan a trip to La Puente Shelter in Alamosa, Colorado, to a border and immigration trip to Tucson, Arizona, and Mexico, and to a home restoration site in the Denver Metro Area. In the winter/spring, we will plan a trip to Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. Every other summer, we will plan an immersion trip to our twin school, St. John Baptist de La Salle Catholic School, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Additional trips may be added at a later date.
  • What is our Twin School?

    All monetary donations collected at Mullen High School support our “mission”. Our mission is to help financially support our twin school in Ethiopia, through the partnership of the Lasallian Region of North America and the Lasallian Lwanga District of Africa. To learn more about the Twinning Program and about our twin school, please visit this site. If you would like to donate money to our mission, please contact Donna Martinez at donna.martinez@mullenhigh.com