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  • January

    Letter to the Class of 2023 - Freshman Service Day and Service Learning

    Dr. Mara Dougherty
    Dear Freshman students and families:

    For those of you who do not know me, I am Mara Dougherty.  This is my sixth year teaching in the Science Department at Mullen HIgh School and I recently assumed the role as Director of Service Learning.  Service learning is how students at Mullen live out the core principle of Concern for the Poor and Social Justice. As part of this, first year students will be introduced to service by attending a one day immersion trip.  About half the students from the class of 2023 took part in the Freshman Service Day this fall. The remainder of the students will begin to serve at Senior Support Services in Denver starting next week. With the exception of the January 21st trip, students will attend a pre-service meeting in the weeks leading up to service and should expect to attend their first period class on their service day.  Students will be notified of their service day when a packet of information is delivered to them at school. Included in this packet is the Immersion Registration Form and the Parent Authorization for Student Activity and Travel.  A student may not attend the Freshman Service Day without these forms signed and return to Dr. Dougherty prior to the immersion trip.  

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  • Class of 2020 - Service Learning Graduation Requirement

    Dr. Mara Dougherty
    Service learning is how students at Mullen live out the core principle of Concern for the Poor and Social Justice. As part of this, students are required to complete 70 total service hours while at Mullen, 50 serving marginalized groups and 20 serving your own Mullen community.  If students do not complete these hours their diploma will be withheld upon graduation.
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  • January 10, 2020

    Jeffrey Howard
    Back to School
    And so, just like that, we are back at school! 
    I trust you and your family had wonderful times together over Christmas Break and that you are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2020.

    We started January at school with a full day of professional development for the faculty and staff on Monday, and it was a terrific way to get back together and to get energized for the rest of the school year. We discussed topics as practical as the learning management system we will be implementing next year (which I think is going to be great for students, parents and staff alike!) to our continuing efforts on humanizing our pedagogy to admissions to hearing an update from Dr. Cardenas. It was a full day, and a good one. 

    Then your students joined us on Tuesday… it’s great to be back together!
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