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Mullen High School has a rich tradition in the performing arts, dating back to 1969 with its first production, My Fair Lady. Our acclaimed performing arts program features performances in the Rilko Theatre. These world class venues coupled with the skill of our  performing arts faculty, who are all working, professional artists, brings a unique experience to the Mullen High School student artist. We hope to see you at our next show!

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  • You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

    When the play, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, was first staged on March 7, 1967, at Theatre 80 in New York City, there was no real script. The six young actors were armed mostly with ten songs and ten years’ worth of cartoons by “Peanuts” creator, Charles M. Schulz.

    Clark Gesner, who created the music and lyrics for the play, notes in the foreword to the Random House edition of the script that the success of the play could be largely attributed to Schulz’s “immensely human view of the world and his special ability to say it for all of us.”

    The story of the play itself is told through a series of vignettes that mimic the four-panel format used by the original cartoon strip, “Peanuts.” This panel format is supplemented with longer passages that are vaguely reminiscent of Shakespearean soliloquies and by musical interludes.

    The scope of the play is described as an average day in the life of Charlie Brown and is broken into two acts. The play moves along quickly, introducing more of the “Peanuts” gang; Patty, Schroeder, Lucy, and Snoopy. All of the characters share their observations, largely unflattering, of Charlie Brown. Lucy, for example, discusses what she terms Charlie Brown’s “Failure Face.”

    As the play progresses, the relationships of the “Peanuts” characters to one another are further expanded. To anyone who has followed the comic strip, these relationships will not provide any surprises. Included is Lucy’s infatuation with Schroeder and her perverse joy at tormenting Charlie Brown, Linus’s love of his blanket, Snoopy’s rich world of imagination, and, of course, Charlie Brown’s hopeless love-at-a-distance of the mysterious little redheaded girl.

    Join us in the Rilko Theater as our cast of eccentric Mustang take the stage of this fun-loving characters. The dates are Thursday,  April 7th, Friday the 8th, and Saturday the 9th.  The price is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for all students.  We are doing Thursday night as a free night for Mullen Students.  
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  • I Never Saw Another Butterfly

    The Mullen Theatre Department is proud to present our latest show, I Never Saw Another Butterfly. Join us for a show in the Rilko Event Center starting Thursday, October 21st. Student tickets are $5 and all other attendees are $10. Mullen High School Students get in free to the Thursday, October 21st performance. 

    I Never Saw Another Butterfly by Celeste Raspanit is a true story of the children of Terezin, the fortress that Nazi Germany turned into a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp. More than 150,000 Jews were sent there, including 15,000 children who lived months or even years there until they aged out and were sent to their deaths to Treblinka or Aushchwitz.  Only 150 children survived Terezin and I Never Saw Another Butterfly is the story of one of the survivors, Raja. In the play you will meet the children as they are taught in a school room when there is nothing to teach with, helping to give them hope and creating a little world of some laughter through the arts. In Terezin the children created artwork and during the production you will  see the spirit  of the children through their art being shown throughout the play. There are no butterflies at Terezin, but for the children butterflies became a symbol of defiance, making it possible for them to live on and play happily while waiting to be transported.
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Guys & Dolls (Spring 2019)

“Guys and Dolls was a wonderful experience! From the music to the lights to the acting, being in the audience was an absolute pleasure, I want to watch it again!"