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Mustang Athletic Teams

Lacrosse (Boys)

The Mustangs are working toward their first state championship in the sport. In 2023, they will compete in Class 4A (the smaller of the two classifications) and have another switch In leagues – they had gone from the Centennial League to the No. 1 League and now are in the 4A Foothills League. Mullen will compete with Conifer, Dakota Ridge, Evergreen, Golden and Green Mountain of Jefferson County. There will be 15 regular-season games, five in league, and will run from March 10-May 5. There will be 24 teams in the playoff bracket with the top eight seeds drawing preliminary-round byes. The championship will be May 22 at the University of Denver. And while Colorado is a big state, its list of championship winners in the sport is small -- since sanctioning in 1999, only 12 schools are on it.

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Results, Roster, Schedule

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    1, Zach Kutsch, So.

    2, Luke Desautels, Sr.

    3, Ethan Karr, Sr.

    4, Nate Jackson, Fr.,

    5, Nicky Bond, Sr.

    6, Luke Dempsey, Sr.

    7, Ethan Muller, Jr.

    8 Nick Gammon, Fr.

    9, Finn Dugan, Sr.

    10, Talon Penrod, So.

    11, Jeff Witwer, Str.

    12, C.R. Wallace, Jr.

    14, Soren Brear, So.

    15, Brady Judd, So.

    16, Alex Jablonsky, Fr.

    17, Brody Meade, Jr.

    18, Michael Potestio, Jr.

    19, Miles Fusting, Jr.

    20, Joe Gilbride, Jr.

    21, Evan Arangua, So.

    22, Connor Quinn, Sr.

    23, Adam Archibald, Sr.

    24, Jake Hurtado, Jr.

    25, Blake Langfield, Jr.

    26, Josh Wanja, So.

    27, Diego Bronson, Jr.

    28, Archer Shea, Jr.

    33, Patrick Murphy, Fr.

    35, Michael Boh, Jr.



    1, Dylan Clark, So.

    2, Grayson Bauer, Fr.

    5, Henry Beckish, So.

    6, Jude Cromer, So.

    9, Christopher Witwer, Fr.

    11, Brady Gemperline, So.

    12, Chris Gilbride, So.

    13, Colby Cardiff, Jr.

    16, Jagger Hanley, So.

    17, Jake Thomason, Jr.

    18, Jaxson Cady, So.

    20, Mason Tucker, Jr.

    22, Nick Ruegsegger, Jr.

    23, Owen Stettner, Fr.

    24, Richie O’Brien, So.

    25, Sam Bixenman, Jr.

    26, Sam Thomason, Fr.

    27, Tino Gschwend Ward, So.

    28, Tucker Amman, Fr.

    29, David Stone, Jr.

    31, Grayson Knobloch, Fr.

    32, Wyatt Watkins, Jr.

    35, Josh Fisher, jr.



    No., Name, Sr., Pos.

    1, Max Thomason, Sr., M

    2, Owen Hearty, Sr., M

    3, Noah Wanja, Sr., G

    4, Connor Warren, Sr., M

    5, Nicky Bond, Jr.,

    6, Henry Bell, Sr., M

    7, Trevor Price, Sr., M

    8, Lance Hart, Sr., D

    9, Luke Dempsey, Jr.

    10, Ethan Karr, Jr., A

    11, Rocco DePizzol, Sr,, DM, M

    12, C.R. Wallace, So., M

    13, Toby Grosso, Sr., M, G

    14, Dylan Ellerby, Sr., D

    15, Jaxon Heil, Sr., M, DM

    16, Christian Orr, Sr., DM, M

    17, Ed Konizeski, Sr., M, LSM

    18, Finn Dugan, Jr., M

    19, Ethan Muller, So., M

    20, Luke Desautels, Jr., M

    21, Chris Bougie, Sr.

    22, Connor Quinn, Jr., D

    23, Hunter Dietzenbach, Sr., D

    23, Adam Archibald, Jr., M

    24, Dom Flores, Sr., LSM

    25, Blake Langfield, So., D, LSM

    26, Wyatt Hart, So., D, LSM

    27, Jeff Witwer, Jr., M, A



    No., Name, Yr., Pos.

    1, Max Thomason, Jr. MF

    2, Robby Witwer, Sr., MF

    3, Noah Wanja, Jr., GK

    4, Eion Canavan, Sr., MF

    5, Nicky Bond, So., A

    6, Luke Dempsey, So. MF

    7, Trevor Price, Jr., MF

    8, Lance Hart, Jr., D

    9, Keegan Quinn, Sr., A

    10, Luke Desautels, So., MF

    11, Brandon Hane, Sr. A

    12, Ethan Karr, So., MF

    13, Luc Caldwell, Sr., GK

    14, Dylan Ellerby, Jr., D

    15, Connor Warren, Jr., MF

    16, Owen McCarter, Jr., MF

    17, Ed Konizeski, Jr., LSM

    18, Blake Langfield, Fr., D

    19, Adam Archibald, So. MF

    20, Finn Dugan, So., MF

    21, Chris Bougie, Jr., MF

    22, Connor Quinn, So., D

    23, Nick Gilbert, Sr., GK

    24, Dom Flores, Jr., D

    27, Wyatt Hart, Fr., D

    29, Hunter Dietzenbach, Jr., D

    31, Ethan Muller, Fr., MF


    Player, Year

    Alex Abariotes, Sr.

    Tanner Amman, Sr.

    Luke Archibald, Sr.

    Clayton Barden, Sr.

    Nicholas Bond, Fr.

    Christofer Bougie, So.

    Luc Caldwell, Jr.

    Mason Coon, Sr.

    Antonio Corral, Sr.

    Luke Dempsey, Fr.

    Vincent DiFeo, Sr.

    Luke Elges, Sr.

    Gage Fisher, Sr.

    Dominic Flores, So.

    Nicholas Gilbert, Jr.

    Blake Good, Sr.

    Brandon Hane, Jr.

    Willis Hanson, Sr.

    Ethan Hart, Sr.

    Lance Hart, So.

    Liam Headley, Sr.

    Ryan Hearty, Sr.

    Dominic Jablonsky, Sr.

    Edward Konizeski, So.

    Andrew McGuan, Sr.

    Peter Osborn, Sr.

    Keegan Quinn, Jr.

    Lorenzo Riley Combs, Sr.

    J.P. Starkey, Sr.

    Connor Warren, So.

    Robby WItwer, Jr.

    Managers – Ashley Gosch, Sr., and Sydney Wills, Sr.


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  • Garrett Braddock

Junior Varsity