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Give Back to Mullen
Honoring our Past, Building our Future

Campus Construction

de La Salle

God has called you to your ministry [...] you can do more with the grace of God than you think.

Phase I of the Master Plan

If we are to continue the tradition of excellence for our students, we must improve and renovate our campus. We cannot bandage the old any longer, it is time to move forward. The first phase of the campus improvement vision starts with a general education classroom building in place of Partner's Hall.
We will create new spaces for inspired teaching and learning that reflect Mullen’s excellence in instruction. Not only will this help us recruit and retain talented staff and students alike, but it will also increase campus safety, comfort, and quality. Throughout our phase-based construction plan, classes will not be disrupted, and no students will be relocated. While it’s never been about the buildings, this new campus will enable us to better educate the whole child, starting at any level, and prepare them to be servant leaders in college and beyond.
    • North Building: Front View

    • Bowman Atrium: North Building Entryway 1

    • Bowman Atrium: North Building Entryway 2

    • North Building: Common Space

    • North Building & Sferra Renovation 1st Floor

    • North Building 2nd Floor

Safety Policies & Procedures

Safety is always JHL Constructors’ (JHL) top priority, but this is particularly important on an occupied campus. JHL will work with Raul Cardenas, Jr., PhD and staff leaders at Mullen High School to plan construction activities in a manner that limits disruptions, maintains the learning environment, and keeps students, staff, and community members safe. On every K-12 project, JHL utilizes Raptorware for all subcontractors on site. Raptorware is an access and tracking system that scans identification cards (drivers licenses, alien registration cards, green cards, and passports) and immediately conducts a background check with current information; any person that is flagged by Raptorware will be refused entry to the site. Prior to subcontractor selection, companies are required to sign JHL’s project specific guidelines contract. 
Once employees have cleared, they begin reviewing all aspects of site safety and logistics, including work hours, construction parking, delivery coordination, project working hours, and most importantly our zero-tolerance policy regarding any interaction with Mullen HS students, staff, or visitors. Once an employee has completed the training, they are issued a project specific number. Each sticker will have a unique number and JHL can track every person on-site to their specific number. The badges serve two purposes. First, its high visibility makes it easy to identify employees that have completed the background screening and site-specific training. Second, in the rare event that there is an issue with a worker on-site, you only need to see the person’s badge number and give that information to a JHL staff member, and our team will address the issue immediately. 

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