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Academic Support

De La Salle

Getting off to the right start is critical for success in school.
The De La Salle (DLS) Program consists of supports that help students to transition to Mullen’s academically rigorous environment.

What is De La Salle?

The De La Salle Program is designed for students who demonstrate a need for additional academic support initially,  but have the ability to succeed in a college preparatory (CP) environment. DLS offers the greatest level of support at the Freshman level and phases out support by Senior year.  It is not a special education program and does NOT modify assignments or tests.

For accommodations please visit the Accommodations Page.

How is enrollment in DLS determined?

Enrollment in a DLS course is decided during the admissions process and is based on specific criteria in the admissions file including a student’s prior middle school performance, standardized test scores, Mullen assessments, and teacher recommendations. Students in the DLS program typically have low performance on standardized testing, gaps in study strategies, or low self esteem toward school.  Many students in DLS had success in middle school but may not have been exposed to the concepts or strategies that Mullen expects.
DLS classes and CP classes use the same materials and assessments - follow the same graduation requirements -  hold the same GPA weight

What are the goals of the DLS Program?

List of 3 items.

  • Transition to CP Courses

    Students can leave DLS classes as early as freshman year based on assessment scores as well as teacher and Director recommendation.  There are no DLS supports Senior year.
  • Support students in learning strategies

    Students will be taught skills such as self-advocacy, self-esteem, time management, and content strategies to be successful in a college preparatory classes.
  • Meet college readiness benchmarks

    Readiness benchmarks are indicated by the ACT. The De La Salle Program aims to improve scores for  students and meet readiness benchmarks.

What are the specific supports?

Specific Curriculum DLS classes are offered in Math, English, Social Studies and Science only.
  • Reading, Writing and study strategies  are explicitly taught within DLS courses
  • DLS Classes are capped at 20 students to provide closer interaction with faculty
  • DLS Algebra I, DLS English I and Chemistry are year-long instead of a single semester to provide more time in learning content
DLS classes are NOT remedial classes and meet CP standards without modification. Students who qualify for DLS may not need supports for all core classes, (ie. DLS English but CP Math), but must be enrolled in study skills. Students who place into CP Math or English will gain an elective spot.  Most will take a world language beginning their sophomore year.

Study Skills Courses

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  • Freshman level

    to help students transition into high school
  • Sophomore level

    to prepare for CP level classes

Individualized Support

  • A Director of programming collaborates with teachers to develop curriculum, supports parent outreach, and oversees the program’s effectiveness.
  • A Counselor specific to De La Salle works with students and parents/guardians to assist students with educational, career, and life planning and helps to  facilitate interventions.
  • Collaboration with Mullen's After School Lab ensures homework completion and study support.
  • Teachers within the program provide content specific learning supports.
  • Summer Enrichment Courses through Mullen's Summer Bridge Program are designed for incoming students to familiarize themselves with the curriculum and the campus.


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