Sports Performance

The Mullen Sports Performance purpose through training is to maximize athletic potential, build character, grow faith and instill the five Lasallian Core Principles in our students.

Sports Performance Objectives

1. Keep Student Athletes Safe and Healthy
2. Increase Total Body Strength and Power to Improve On Field Performance
3. Decrease the Prevalence of Injury
4. In the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle and the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Mullen High School is a Catholic college preparatory high school whose graduates embrace God’s gift of learning, devote their lives to ceaselessly seeking for His learning, and commit themselves to using His learning in the service of others.

Mullen High School Sports Performance Internship Opportunities

The Mullen High School Sports Performance department offers internships to undergraduate and graduate college students looking to advance their career in the area of sports performance/ strength and conditioning. Interns receive a comprehensive curriculum intended to further their knowledge of performance training and hands on coaching experience.

For consideration send application materials of cover letter, resume, three (3) professional references to Grant Stewart - by the deadlines below. Any and all questions can be directed to Grant Stewart.

Fall Semester: August - December - Application Deadline: June 1st
Winter Semester: January - May - Application Deadline: October 1st
Summer Semester: June - August - Application Deadline: April 1st

News & Events

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  • No school, sports through April 30

    By The MBN
    Extension for the stay-at-home order by Gov. Polis to be determined; current deadline is April 11. Campus remains closed.
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  • December - Sports Specialization

    Grant Stewart
    Single sport specialization among youth and adolescent athletes is a growing trend in the last couple of decades.  More youth athletes are quitting one or more sports to focus on one sport exclusively. Overwhelming research shows sport specialization is harmful to youth athletes.  There are many benefits for youth athletes to participate in multiple sports. Some of those include a decrease in the prevalence of injuries, exposure to different coaches and experiences, and improving the athletic talent of all sports at Mullen High School.
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  • A New Kind of Classroom

    Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
    The days of kids casually showing up, laying down on the bench, pushing up some reps and then telling everyone how much they lifted have long been gone.

    So are coaches loosely running today’s high-school weight rooms as well as bulk being the primary goal.

    “It’s not a 24-Hour Fitness and you can’t do whatever you want, when you want and unsupervised,” Mullen Director of Sports Medicine Joey Mahmood said.

    No, weight rooms on campuses have turned into classrooms. Teaching lifelong lessons and fitness, and becoming centers for decision-making, leadership and respect have taken precedence over getting out of the way of the football players and how much someone can squat or leg-press.
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  • November

    The Importance of Year-Round Training
    There are not too many athletes, coaches or parents that would disagree that a bigger, stronger, faster, fitter athlete will usually beat an equally skilled athlete who is not as big, strong, fast or fit.  What many often fail to realize is that athletes should be peaking with their performance during the most crucial and important games and matches they play. These important games and matches usually occur during the late part of the season and during the postseason into championship play.  The ability to peak at the most important time requires athletes training year-round and being consistent in their training.

    The Mullen Sports Performance department’s philosophy is to design training with the endgame in mind.  The endgame means we design our overall program to build year after year. We design our in-season training to keep our athletes strong and healthy throughout the season to be able to perform at their best during the postseason and championship season.  Being able to do this happens especially well when athletes have a solid training base and have participated in training throughout the calendar year.  

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  • 2019 Volleyball team working hard!


    Grant Stewart
    Thank you for reading the first installment of the Mullen Sports Performance monthly blog. The goal is to provide more information about training, nutrition, and recovery to students, parents and educators of Mullen High School.

    This month is going to explain some details of the program and our philosophy of how we train high school athletes.
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