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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

In configuration with our school’s mission, the Sports Medicine Team will provide a program founded on integrity, responsibility and the practicing of sports medicine at the highest level. The sports medicine team will provide every student-athlete with the highest quality care possible in a professional, efficient, compassionate and service-oriented manner. The sports medicine team will strive to provide the best care, prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation for each individual student-athlete so he/she may return to participation in a safe and timely manner.

Internship Opportunity

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I become a Sports Med Intern?

    The Mullen Sports Medicine Class offers practical experience to students interested in health care fields.  Please contact Mr. Mahmood to apply.
  • What does a Sports Med Intern do?

    Athletic trainers are responsible for the prevention, evaluation,
    management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Student interns work with Certified Athletic Trainers and team physicians to provide general health care to all Mullen High School athletic teams.
  • How much time is dedicated to being a Sports Med Intern?

    Student athletic trainers get a first hand experience in the real world of sports medicine. Students who want to participate in the clinical internship will have to complete a minimum of 30 hours per semester. Of those 30 hours students can receive 15 for service learning and also receive points towards torch awards.  Students also can letter in Sports Medicine.