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Community Life


If there is a key to making the most of “the Mullen Experience,” it is to get involved! 
Over 90 percent of Mullen students participate in at least one extracurricular activity throughout the year. Find the activities that best suit you and discover what we mean when we say, “WE ARE MULLEN!” Due to the fluid nature of clubs, the below list is not exhaustive. At any time, students who wish to create and maintain a club should speak with Director of Student Life for approval and instruction.


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Student Organizations

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  • A Novel Club

    Moderator: Katie Abeyta
  • Alpine Club

    Moderator: Tyler Ritt
  • Automotive Club

    Moderator: Tim Denezza
  • Card Club

    Moderator: Vince Massey
  • Chess Club

    Moderator: Mike McGuire
  • Data Analysis

    Moderator: Cecilia Brear
  • Art Club

    From popular demand comes a club for all students who love and appreciate art. Whether you like to paint, sketch, or appreciate the art of others, art club aims to serve as a place for art lovers to come together and create something beautiful.
    Moderator: Tom Brotherson
  • Board Game Club

    Moderator: Scott Dirrane
  • CORE Crew

    Core Crew is a leadership training program. Core is based on a simple concept: linking freshmen with successful upperclassmen. Juniors and seniors are trained in team building activities, cooperative skill development, and discussion skills. Link provides social and academic support throughout the school year.

    Moderators: Katie Abeyta '06 & Lindsay Hooper '07
  • Cupcake Club

    Cupcake Club inspires students to do what they love – bake and eat cupcakes! The goal of this club is to provide students a fun, enjoyable opportunity to cook food together, sell cupcakes for fundraisers and for mission like during Lasallian Heritage Week, and build community with one another through the shared act of eating delicious cupcakes.
    Moderator: Erin Reiner
  • Cultural Club

    Moderator: Mikaela Degitis & Janelle Petersen
  • Drum Line

    The Drum Line’s purpose is to support our school, primarily, but not limited to, through our sporting events. Drum Line is first and foremost a family where students give their best effort to grow as people and as musicians. It is an entity that is unlike anything else at Mullen. It will consist of hard work with great joy. We want students on the Drum Line to love the ensemble and show that love through their musicianship and effort during performances. The Drum Line is open to any student who wishes to give it a try. Most of the current members of the ensemble do not list percussion as their first instrument, but have enjoyed the pleasure of learning to play in a percussion ensemble. In everything that we learn and do, we work to: "Praise the Lord with our thunderous sound."
    Coach - Mike Farrell

    Assistant Coach - Heather Davis
  • E-Sports Club

    Moderator: Tom Brotherson
  • Fashion Club

    Moderator: Donna Martinez
  • Fishing Club

    Moderator: Mr. Devon Brady
  • French Club

  • Garden Club

    Moderator: Lisa McLay
  • Girls Who Code

  • Green Club

    Moderator: Julie Metcalfe
  • Jazz Band

    Meeting in the evenings during the second half of the year, the Jazz Band explores multiple styles of music, improvisation, and the fun of performance together. Varying levels of ability are welcome, standard jazz instrumentation is best (no nose flutes, please!).
    Moderator: Heather Davis
  • Lasallian Youth

    Faith Service Community. Meetings Every Tuesday at lunch in the S41.

    Lasallian Youth is open to all students. It offers the student a variety of opportunities to minister to the economically poor through direct service and education in the spirit of St. John Baptist De LaSalle. Lasallian Youth assist in building a faith-filled community at Mullen High School. Activities include prayer, projects that help keep community awareness of our Lasallian heritage, a safe Halloween for children, collecting for Thanksgiving food drives, and a Christmas adopt-a-family program. Students help with serving meals to the marginalize senior homeless in the Denver area. Lasalian Youth also works with our sister school in Meki to help raise money for their educational needs.
  • Latin Club

    This is an organization for Latin students to join and discover more about ancient cultures and languages. Students participate in several activities, including frequent meetings, competitions and field trips to the local junior Classical League chapter events in Boulder and Estes Park
    (more information at http://coloradojcl.org). Students also promote the awareness of ancient cultures by sponsoring events for the student body to attend. Torch award available.
    Moderator: Amanda Sherpe
  • Liturgy Committee

    Liturgy Committee prepares the student body, the space and the ministers for worship. We assist in the preparation for school Masses and Friday morning daily Masses, and promote education about liturgy. Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors are needed for all the Masses and prayer services. Every student is invited to be involved with this committee. Training and meetings are held often in my classroom.
    Moderator: Doug Brummel
  • Mock Trial

    Moderator: Tammy Christensen
  • Model UN

    Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health, and more.
    Moderator: Liz Castellano '05
  • National Honor Society

    The Mullen Chapter of the National Honor Society is an organization that promotes recognition of students for outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service. The society meets throughout the school year and participates in various community service projects. Each year the society elects four officers who serve in leadership roles during the school year. Students will be invited by NHS moderators at the end of their sophomore year.
    Moderators: Liz Castellano '05 & Katie Abeyta '06
  • National Latin Honor Society

    This is a prestigious organization that honors students' academic achievement and good citizenship. Students must be enrolled in Latin, be a member of the Latin Club and receive an A in two consecutive semesters of their Latin classes. These fine students offer services such as Latin tutoring, meriting the highest status and recognition by Mullen High School's Latin program. Induction is every spring and must be renewed yearly. These students will be invited to participate in the World Languages Honor Society and organize activities for the student body. Torch award available.
    Moderator: Amanda Sherpe
  • National Math Honor Society

    National Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, is dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school.
    Moderator: Marjorie Ader
  • National Social Studies Honor Society

    The National Social Studies Honor Society strives to:
    • To promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies among high school students.
    • To provide opportunities for exploration in the social studies in the school environment and the community.
    • To encourage interest in, understanding, and appreciation for the social studies.
    Moderator: Tim DeNezza
  • National Spanish Honor Society

    Moderator: Mary Jo Baldwin
  • Orchestra

    Moderator: Heather Davis
  • Student Ambassadors

    Moderators: Lindsay Hooper '07 & Katie Weaver '96
  • Student Council

    Moderator: Katie Abeyta
  • Students for Safer Roads

    Moderator: Heidi Trevithick
  • Sacred Sounds

    This group is composed of students and faculty members who plan and provide vocal and instrumental music at all school Masses, prayer services, and other special events. The ensemble is comprised of vocalists, guitars, keyboard, hand drums, and other instruments as needed or interested. Regularly meeting on Mondays to prepare for all events coming up, this music group explores different methods and styles used to pray through song. All talent and ability levels are welcomed and encouraged to join!
    Moderator: Heather Davis
  • Speech and Debate Team

    Debating, Acting, Voicing Opinions! Mullen High School Speech and Debate students demonstrate their communication, research and extensive critical thinking skills throughout Colorado and across the country as members of the National Forensic League. They challenge themselves and others to support their opinions with clear, concise and well supported statements. They show their incredible knowledge and creativity through the presentation of their ideas and with their interpretive skills in 11 competitive events. They are Mullen!
    CLICK HERE for our lastest informational flyer

    Moderators: Heidi & Mike Trevithick | E-mail: Speech@mullenhigh.com
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)

    (S.A.D.D.) is the Mullen Chapter of a national organization that promotes healthy life choices for young people. We promote drug and alcohol free students, as well as safe driving, awareness of the dangers of eating disorders, suicide prevention, and safety on dates.
    Moderators: TBD
  • Students for Life

    Students for Life is a nationally recognized club that aims to promote the sanctity of life for allhumans in all places. Any student who wants to protect and promote life is welcome to join!
    Moderator: Matt Degitis
  • Theatre Club

    Moderator: TBD