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Give Back to Mullen

Honoring our Past, Building our Future

A Campaign for Mullen High School
Fueled by the generosity and philanthropy of this community, Mullen is poised to move forward and continue its tradition of excellence on a renovated campus that is equipped for the 21st century and grounded in faith.
For almost a century, thousands of alumni have called Mullen High School home. We are humbled that Mullen continues to resonate with families as a place where students belong and to resonate with alumni as a place they are proud of.
In 2021, the Board of Trustees and Mullen leadership identified urgent facility needs. A feasibility study confirmed that our community wanted to fund a new academic building. The timing was providential because our faithful old buildings could no longer sustain us. World-class professionals have advised us every step of the way.

After breaking ground in February 2023, Mullen opened 14 new classrooms on Tuesday  — the first new academic building on campus in over two decades. It is in the same location as the orphanage dormitory and the new space will honor Mullen’s decades of history in Denver.  It was important to our alumni that any renovation to campus be extremely thoughtful. The new building will maintain the feel of a true college-preparatory campus without being ostentatious. 

The construction also develops our community of faith. Mullen students across the years are bound together by memories of Sister Meta, Sister Brendan Jordan, Brother Bernard, or more recently by Kairos and service trips. Now our campus will remind us of the holy presence of God, as well. Windows and columns in groupings of threes echo the Holy Trinity, and the master plan organizes buildings and walkways to form a large cross. In the shelter of these buildings, Mullen will continue to develop Mustangs with warrior spirits and servant hearts. 
We ask you to join us now in investing in our campus, which has given us a place to call home for over 90 years. Gifts of all amounts are welcome and deeply appreciated; please consider making a recurring gift to make your donation as impactful as you can.
Scripture tells us that God does not dwell in houses made by human hands. God dwells among his people. Together, and by association, we build a place for our Mullen family so that God can continue to dwell among us.

If you are interested in taking a tour and/or learning more about giving, please fill out this brief form to be contacted by campaign volunteers.  In the meantime, keep in touch and know of our love.

Timeline of New Building

Mullen originally opened in 1931 as a Home for Boys - a place for young men with nowhere else to go.
Alumni and families returning to visit Mullen will be proud of their academic legacy.
Current student enjoy their first day of class in the new building on Tuesday, April 9, 2024.