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Academic Support


Mullen High School strives to meet the academic needs of its diverse student population. Students who meet the criteria of assessment have access to the accommodations offered at Mullen. Disclosure of your student’s learning difference, including documentation, allows Mullen to assess and support your student.
Mullen High School is a college preparatory setting, therefore our support to students focuses on enhancing self-advocacy and academic organization.

We do not modify curricular, co-curricular, or behavioral expectations. For example, we do not shorten assignments, extend due dates, or alter test formats. 

Mullen does not discriminate on the basis of learning and/or other disabilities. 


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • What are the requirements for accommodations at Mullen High School?

    Mullen High School offers accommodations in line with the guidelines provided by College Board and ACT. Students who request these services must provide the information listed in the below in order to receive accommodations.
    • Students must complete cognitive and academic testing through a psychoeducational evaluation completed by a licensed provider
    • The evaluation must include a DSM-IV or DSM-V code
    • Testing must be recent and up to date (within the last three years)
      Submission of previous IEP, 504, or accommodation plans, showing current use of accommodations may serve as equivalent to the above listed documents
    • Commit to be re-evaluated when the current evaluation expires
    • Agree to the Accommodations Policy to share information with teachers
    *Please note: qualification for accommodations at Mullen High School does NOT guarantee accommodations on SAT, AP, or ACT exams. Students must apply for this separately. 
  • What are the accommodations that Mullen currently provides?

    Mullen High School offers four school-wide accommodations. Even though other academic recommendations may be listed in the professional evaluation, Mullen only provides the following accommodations:
    • Extended time on tests (time and a half)
    • Access to quiet testing space
    • A copy of peer or teacher notes (study purposes only)
    • Preferential seating in classes 
  • What if my student needs further assistance?

    Academic support offered to students with accommodations who need further assistance includes:
    • National Honor Society tutoring(available to all Mullen students)
    • Assistance in applying for College Board and ACT accommodations


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