Friday, August 23

Jeffrey M. Howard
Open Our Students’ Eyes
Deeper into the year we go and, as we do, I hope our students continue to grow in their understanding of the Core Principles and of the mission of the Founder. I was thinking about that as I came across this prayer which I pray for our students: “Good and loving God, open our eyes and our hearts this day … to your presence in all of those with whom we live and work … to your presence in all of those entrusted to our care … to your presence in the vulnerable and the marginalized … to your presence in those who can do nothing for us in return. Lead us to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with you.” 
Thanks for a Great Start
As we conclude our first full week this week, I am so very grateful to so many. First, our students have come back to school with energy and enthusiasm and good will. It’s terrific to have them back because, as I’ve written before, they are the reason we do all we do! Second, our amazing faculty has hit the ground running and, as I have walked through the halls, especially during our new Resource Period, I have seen them engage with your students with purpose and joy. Third, our facilities team, led by Mr. Ric Fast, has done incredible work getting the school ready and making the campus look beautiful. More often than not, I throw something new at them - some last minute need - and they always graciously respond and get things done. Finally, there is an entire staff in the Business Office, Development, Human Resources, Athletics, and those who work in support of our administration and teachers and counselors, without whom we could not function. This place is a team effort and from students to the president, we have an unbelievable one!

Dropping In
During the course of this past week, I began dropping in on classes and watching our teachers interact with your students and I am happy to report something I hope you already know: we have terrific teachers in these buildings! One of the great joys of my year last year was seeing each-and-every teacher in action and I intend to see everyone again this year! It’s the best part of the job (and I get to steal techniques for the classes I will be teaching in the second and third trimesters!).

Food from Last Thursday
There remains one loose end from last Thursday’s lunches that I’d like to tie up. Please email me ( to let me know if your student paid for lunch last Thursday. We would like to reimburse you that charge. Thank you very much!

Back to School Night… Wednesday!
Wednesday, August 28 is Back2School Night 2019 (doesn’t the “2” just make the event seem more fun and hip?)! This evening is your opportunity to walk through your students’ schedule and to meet their First Trimester teachers. Please check with your student in advance to get a copy of her or his schedule for the evening and join us Wednesday. We will conclude the night in the Small Gym as I will share some words with you about the manner in which the year has begun and a little about our plans going forward this year. We hope to see as many of you as can attend!