Oct. 18th

Jeffrey M. Howard
Approaching the End of the Tri
It may be hard for you to believe, but, as of today, Friday, October 18, there are only 10 class days left in this trimester. Seems like we were just buying first day pizza yesterday… 

As we approach the trimester’s end and exams, stress is likely to increase for our students. I know that it increases for our faculty. There is an inherent push to get to the end of the curriculum and to ensure that students know all that they need to heading into their second trimester courses. This is an appropriate pressure, but our job as teachers and families is to help mitigate and navigate it.
For our ninth grade students, this is the first time they will be facing the challenge of high school exams and our teachers are aware of that. For all of our students, there is likely much riding on their performance.

But it is most important to remember that the work our students have done leading up to exams from August through October has been the best preparation for exams. These next 10 days should serve as opportunities to remember and hone what they have learned. If your students can leave exams saying they took advantage of these days and did all they could to prepare and perform, what more can we ask of them?

Our Miss Brooks
The fall play, Our Miss Brooks, opened yesterday and I do hope you’ll have a chance to see it! It is a delightful romp and wonderfully performed by our theater students. They have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the year to pull the show together and I know that you will not be disappointed if you come by the Rilko tonight or tomorrow to see it!

Continued Amazement
Each week, I am amazed by the amount of time and energy that our staff and faculty dedicate to your students. My days are often filled with meetings - which I like, actually (I am one of those people) - and the meetings are dominated by conversations about how to serve the students of Mullen High School. Whether reflecting on athletics or academics, chatting about the nature of our curriculum, considering a new technology for the school or discussing how best to serve struggling students, literally hundreds of person hours are dedicated to your students each-and-every week beyond instructing them in the classrooms. I am so very grateful to our staff and our teachers.
A Week’s End Prayer
Lord, I have every reason to praise You because You have been so good to me. At the end of another week at Mullen High School, what more needs to be said?