Oct. 25, 2019

Jeffrey M. Howard
End of the Tri

In a few short days, six, to be exact, if you’re reading this on the day it’s published), the first trimester will wrap up. Typically, the end of the tri can cause some stress in students and teachers alike as students look to what they wanted to get done, what they need to get done and what they actually can get done before the trimester concludes. It is my prayer and hope that your students feel they have accomplished very much over the course of the tri and that, as we approach exams, they feel they have mastered their content, they have learned much, and they are ready for the challenges that lie ahead. 

The schedule for finals is as follows:
  • Tuesday, November 5: Periods 1 and 2
  • Wednesday, November 6, Periods 3, 4 and 5.
As your students prepare for exams over the next few class days, please remind them to make good use of resource period to receive extra help or clarifications from their teachers going into finals. 

I hope all of our students do very, very well on exams!

Back in the Room
Beginning next trimester, I will find myself back in the classroom teaching my own class though the seniors who have me for Honors English IV B may not be quite as excited… last year, I taught a mini unit in Mr. Locascio’s Banned Books class and took over for Mrs. Abeyta in her AP English IV class when she was on maternity leave but this year I have classes of my own. It’s been five years since I was responsible for a class start of term to end of term and, I must admit, I am a bit nervous. But, goodness, am I looking forward to it! Having a daily opportunity to be with our students is a real blessing as is the idea of working side-by-side with our teachers. I am very ready for this!

Calmness Before Exams
As we conclude the tri, it is a good idea to remind our students that prayer can center them and give them peace going into exams. On that note, I share this prayer you might consider sharing with your students:

Dear God, only your peace can sustain me through the anxiety and stresses of exam nerves. Your peace surpasses all understanding. I ask for this gift and choose to lean upon you at this time. Lord, come and remind me of your unfailing love. Remind me that you hold me safe, you understand me, and you cherish me. I lay down my fears before you.I leave them at the foot of the cross, for you have overcome the world. I choose to give you all my concerns, worries and fears of failure. I trust that your loving hand will hold me through these exams and lead into a bright future.