Nov. 8, 2019

End of the Tri
As you read this, your students have completed their final exams. I hope that they performed to the standard they wanted to and that they look back on the first trimester and can point to all they know now they didn’t know back in August. I hope they have had a terrific first third of the year.

I am grateful to the dedication of the teaching staff. When I walk the halls and drop into classes, I am so impressed by much of what I see going on in our rooms. I see talented teachers and counselors and support staff who are working - hard - every day to inspire our students, to teach them, and to help them grow. 
I truly feel we are all blessed to be a part of this community we call Mullen!
I trust your students will have a lovely few days off before Second Trimester begins!
Welcome Back, Howard
With apologies to the students who will suffer my presence, I begin teaching English on Mondays. Throughout my time in education and educational administration, I have taught at least one class each year (with the exception of last year). When I was out of direct service to a school for the four years before I was blessed with this work at Mullen, I taught adults. And, though I taught a unit for Mr. Locascio last year and covered a maternity leave for Mrs. Abeyta last year, it has been five years since I had a class of my own. That all changes next week. English IV B and I am so very pumped and, truly, a bit nervous.

I am fond of commenting that we in education are in the change business. We work with people who are in some of the most important development years of their lives. They are changing all the time. The world around us changes. Technology we use in the classroom changes. We, as teachers, had better change, too. The tools of the classroom have changed. The dynamics have changed. The work has changed. 

So, yes, I am a bit trepidatious.

Two things have not changed, however. First, in my opinion, students remain eager to engage and learn. They want to be challenged, have their horizons expanded and enjoy their classes. Second, I LOVE the work and used to be at least okay at it. The 21 seniors in Honors English IV B will have to judge if I am anymore…

I cannot wait for first period Monday! 

Happenings This Past Week
These past seven days have been incredibly packed! Monday night was the Fall Music Concert. Thanks so much to Mrs. Heather Davis, Mr. Farrell, Ms. Hamer and the many teachers who made that evening special for our students! We have seen many of our fall sports wrap up their seasons or enter playoff competition, and I am incredibly grateful to the coaching staffs and to the athletic department - too many people to individually name - for the committed and amazing work they do with our students. Our students are lucky to have such role models, teachers, coaches and adults spend so many hours with them and we are lucky our students give of themselves in their sports and their extracurriculars in the ways they do!

Open House
This Sunday, November 10, is Open House. Please encourage those who are considering Mullen for their students to drop by from 10:00am - 2:00pm, to tour the school, ask questions and get to know who we are! Mr. Cawley and Ms. St. John have been tirelessly working to pull this day off, a day that requires the efforts of so many including parent volunteers, the entire faculty and staff and our students. It’s going to be a wonderful day, and I am grateful to everyone (especially Ms. St. John and Mr. Cawley) for making it happen!

Veterans Day Prayer
For all of our community who are veterans, we pray thankfully for you: Thank you for reminding us that there’s incredible love and sacrifice displayed, when one is willing to stand strong, and fight for freedom. This service of love and sacrifice on behalf of all people, points us directly to the greatest love of all, the very gift and sacrifice of Christ. Our Savior was willing to pay the ultimate price, so that we can live free.