Dec. 6

Jeff Howard
Shorter Days and Fewer
The calendar has turned to December and, as I look ahead and plan for the next few weeks, I find it is difficult not to consider all that has to be done and the short time in which there is to do it. As you read this on Friday, December 6, we have only nine days of class left before Christmas Break. We will also be just over a third of the way through the second trimester by that point. We surely have much to do in that time as do our students. As we prepare for Christmas, I hope that we can all not be too caught up in the rush of these few days to enjoy one another and to enjoy the blessings of this special time of year. That is one of my Advent prayers for our community! 
The Huether Convention
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving Break, Dr. Cardenas, Ms. Finney, Ms. Preciak, Mr. Welling and I were in Minneapolis for the annual Huether Convention. Attending this gathering of Lasallian educators and those engaged in Lasallian works from the US and worldwide was truly a wonderful experience. More than just a “wow, there are other people around the country engaged in the same work as we” revelation, Huether offered an opportunity for inspiration. Presentations and conversations centered around the zeal we share for our work, our students and our mission. The networking offered with other Lasallian educators was a real blessing, for sure. I met a great many people who challenged me to consider the work we do here at Mullen High School in new and exciting ways. Equally wonderful was the time I got to spend with my colleagues from the school. That was a real gift. Though it’s always a challenge to be away, Huether was a wonderful time and an energizing one! 
Calendar Change
I’d like to note one important date change: Friday, February 7 - originally scheduled as a day off for students and the Faculty/Staff Day of Service - will be a normal school day. The Faculty/Staff Day of Service has been moved to a day we already had scheduled as a faculty and staff meeting. 

Advent Is Upon Us
During this first week of Advent, I share this prayer with you, and I hope you are having a terrific start to this season - which is absolutely my favorite time of the year! Dear God, help us to accept that we are the clay and that you are the potter. Throughout this first week of Advent, help us remember that we are your people and that you are our God. Help us get our priorities right and put the most important things first: loving God and loving our neighbor.

Have wonderful weekends.