Mullen High looks to strengthen athletics with two new coaches

Mullen High School leadership is taking the opportunity to improve the alignment of the high school’s athletic programs with the overall mission of the high school. 
Over the course of the past few weeks, an evaluation of Mr. Vince Massey’s leadership as Athletic Director in service to our student athletes, our coaches, our booster clubs and our wider community was completed and provides an excellent opportunity for learning and growth. Mr. Massey and I are reflecting on and discussing those evaluations as a first step in planning for continued excellence in our athletic program. Mr. Massey’s ongoing goals for the Athletic Program are mission based, student centered and appropriately ambitious. 
We have also been presented with the opportunity to fill two head coaching vacancies and are eager to begin this process. The football and softball programs are seeking new coaches. Mullen affirms our ongoing commitment to find the best fits in these roles in service of our student athletes.
  • Mullen appreciates the service of our football and softball coaches. 
  • Mullen leadership is taking the opportunity to strengthen the entire athletics program to ensure all areas are consistent with Lasallian teachings
  • Any departure of faculty, coaches, school leaders gives leadership a chance to strengthen the team with individuals committed to the traditions of Lasallian mission.
  • Leadership is more focused than ever that every aspect of life at Mullen builds on an individual’s formation with God and with one another.  

Head Coach Hiring Process
Mullen High School will follow the process below for all head coaching vacancies:
  • Position announced
  • Search Committee selected by the Athletic Director in consultation with the Principal
    • Associate Athletic Director (s)
    • Director of Strength and Conditioning
    • Director of Athletic Training
    • Staff Member (Mullen coach) 
    • Staff Member (non coach)
    • Community Member
    • Community Member
      • The two community members may be:
        • Alums
        • Parents (ideally with no vested interest, i.e. no returning student to the sport)
  • Search Committee Chair named by the Athletic Director
  • Search Committee composition published to the community
  • Applications for all coaching positions go through Human Resources
  • All applications will be forwarded to the appropriate Search Committee
  • Interviewees will be selected
  • Interviews will be scheduled and held
  • Top two candidates will be forwarded to the Athletic Director
  • The Athletic Director and the Principal will determine who will be offered the position
  • The Athletic Director will offer position