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January 24, 2020

Jeffrey M. Howard
Catholic Schools Week
One of the most important parts of our identity at Mullen High School is that we are a Catholic school blessed to be in the Archdiocese of Denver! Next week is Catholic Schools Week, the 46th annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. We will be engaged in this week in our daily prayer life and in consideration of the five themes of the week: Celebrating our community, our students, our nation, vocations and our faculty, staff and volunteers. I am looking forward to the week and a deeper focus on connections to Catholic schools across the US.
Class of 2024 Interviews
Over the course of two Saturdays in January, every prospective member of the Class of 2024 comes to campus with their family to meet a Mullen staff member and to interview with them. During this process, expertly coordinated by Mr. Cawley and Ms. St. John (thank you both!), we get to learn more about the students who want to join our community and, importantly, they get to learn more about us. I am deeply grateful to MPA and Mrs. Adamson for providing refreshments for the day. I am also very humbled by the amount of faculty and staff members who come in on a Saturday to interview these students. This is one of the first ways that new folks coming to our community discover that we are, in fact, a community! I know the Class of 2024 will be a strong one and I hope students come out of their interviews saying: “Mullen is where I want to be!”

What a gift it has been to be in the Black Forest on Kairos LVII this week! Kairos truly is God’s time and God called. What a blessing to be with a terrific team of students and staff serving a wonderful group of junior girls. It is always a challenge to “come down off the mountain,” but we will make it!

Kudos to Mr. Schnell!
Mr. Brian Schnell, an intrepid member of our Theology Department, had an article entitled Confession in a Catholic High School published in the latest issue of The Catechetical Review. It is a terrific read! Congratulations, Mr. Schnell!

Have wonderful weekends, all.