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January 31

Jeffrey M. Howard
One of the most fascinating parts of working in education is that, once the calendar turns to a new year, educators are really living both in the current school year and also in the next. That is very much the case at Mullen! While we are enjoying the end of the second trimester and looking forward to the third, we are also looking ahead to 2020-2021.
What this means right now is that your students have begun to select courses for next year. That is certainly exciting!
What it will mean very soon is that we will start the re-enrollment process for 2020-2021. In the coming weeks, you will receive an email with a link to re-enroll your students for next year. The re-enrollment fee is $400 which is applied to your tuition for 2020-2021. Please watch for the email announcing re-enrollment coming very soon!
2020-2021 Key Dates
On the note of next year, we continue to refine our key dates. Unless there are some significant issues, THESE DATES are locked in for next year. If there are changes, we will be sure to let the entire community know! A more complete calendar for 2020-2021 will be available by the end of this year.
Wellness Week
Over the course of the past five days, we celebrated our second annual Wellness Week with a series of lunchtime events which have been designed as periodic and ongoing offerings to our students. The idea behind Wellness Week this year was to provide students opportunities at lunch to engage in relaxing and fun activities including walking, campus clean-up, exercise, watercolor, recycle walk and many, many more. The engagement was great, and the activities were a lot of fun for those who participated. I am so happy with this initiative and grateful to Mrs. Maxwell and Mrs. Abeyta for their stewardship of it!
We didn’t bring in puppies this week (I hear rumors they might be coming later in the year…) and that is likely a good thing as I adopted one last year!
Concluding Prayer for Catholic Schools Week
Dear God, You sent forth your Son as a beacon of hope for all people. As Teacher, he has given us the prime example of the importance of education. As disciples, we look to him for inspiration and strength. Thank you for the many sisters, brothers, priests, and laypeople who have dedicated their lives in service to Mullen High School. Thank you for the staff, counselors, teachers and administrators who sustain our school today. Thank you for the parents who have given support and witness to the importance of Catholic education in their daily lives. Thank you for the students who work hard to further their education. Bless Mullen High School and the many people who advance our mission. May our building be a home for those who seek to grow in faith, knowledge, and service of others. May our community always support one another and exhibit hospitality to newcomers. Fill our minds with knowledge and wisdom. May our understanding of the world help us to grow in appreciation for it. Fill our hearts with gladness. May we always turn to you in times of need. Fill our hands with the tools we need to serve others. May we show them your unceasing love through our actions. St. John Baptiste de La Salle pray for us!
Have wonderful weekends, all.